My new blog: a fresh start

Some organising goodies from Paperchase, Staples and WH Smiths

Today is a bank holiday in England and I am currently on my way home from my holiday. Tomorrow is a fresh start. 

Before we went on holiday, we had got into a bit of a rut. Our lives were incredibly busy and monotonous, we were really really tired and in desperate need of a holiday. Our house was a bit of a mess and our eating was becoming more and more unhealthy as we resorted to convenience food and takeaways more often.  It felt like we were plodding along from one day to the next. 

Now we’re back from holiday we are both prepared to make a conscious effort to get our lives back in order. From September we will both be entering very busy periods at work, and with the 3 hours of commuting we both do a day it will become increasingly more important for us to be on top of things. 

So tomorrow’s the day we start again and, as the incessant planner I am, I have been thinking through what I want to achieve over the next few months and what I need to take control of. I hope this new blog is going to help me with this. This will be my way of documenting my organisation journey. 

Recently I have been picking up a few bits and pieces to help me get organised. I’ll admit, here in my first post, that I am somewhat obsessed with stationary and have been since I was a child. I always think pretty stationary that I am proud of is far more likely to encourage me to stay organised than boring stationary. 

In terms of my blog, we’ll see what comes out but I’m hoping I’ll be able to include a combination of random posts, regular mini organisation challenges and some series of posts. Next up I’m thinking of doing a packing series based on my holiday. 

In the meantime I’m going to have the night off ready for a nice new start tomorrow!

Speak soon x

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