20min Organisation Challenge - Bathroom Storage Drawers

When I think about organising my home it seems like a mammoth task - I have so much I want to achieve to create what I hope will one day be the home of an organisation goddess! This makes the prospect of organising my home very daunting and sometimes puts me off even starting. 

So I have decided to take two approaches. Obviously there are the larger tasks for instance sorting out my hallway cupboard or redoing my guest bathroom - all of these tasks involve a bit of planning, some purchases and possibly some new furniture. There are however, quite a lot of discrete smaller tasks that I can get done in 20min if I focus and think about what I can achieve.

As my blog is meant to be telling the story of my organisation I have decided to create a new series of small organisation tasks with the aim of getting them finished in 20min. Today is the first day.

Bathroom Storage Drawers

In my en-suite bathroom we have a four drawer tower to keep a few things that we use every day. We store all our shower things in the shower and I have a properly stocked bathroom cabinet in my main/guest bathroom. I also store any spare items in my hallway cupboard.

You can see how messy the drawers are!

These drawers have become overstuffed, unorganised and a bit of a mess which has made them unusable. As a result a lot of our everyday stuff has ended up on the sink, on the shelf and kept in piles. It makes the bathroom looks messy. So I decided to sort them out. 

To begin with I just emptied everything out and ended up throwing probably about two drawers worth away. I threw away empty packets and also products that I just know I am not going to use. For example I had half a tub of a facial cleanser that I have tried to use several times and every times it breaks me out, so that went in the rubbish too. 

I then allocated separate functions to each drawer:
1) My facial cleanse stuff
2) My other half's shaving stuff
3) My body maintenance stuff - body brush, shaving cream and exfoliators
4) Other bathroom products - spare bin bags for the little bin, occasional dental products etc

My lotions and potions all neat and tidy!

I didn't want to load up the drawers too much so that they can easily be used. I put all the spare products (for example my other half had two tubes of exactly the same shaving cream on the go!?)  in the hallway cupboard. 

Men Stuff
Finally I created some labels on my label maker to easily identify what is in each drawer. 

Sorting out the drawers took me just 20min while my other half was making dinner. The labels and putting the spare products away took a few extra minutes- but not bad for a first attempt I think. 

Do you fancy taking on a 20min organisation challenge? Let me know how you do, would love to hear about it!

Speak soon x

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