20 Minute Organisation Challenge #2 - Tea Cupboard

What is the 20 Minute Organisation Challenge?

The 20 Minute Organisation Challenge is a challenge to complete a small organisation task in your home in 20 minutes or less. The idea of organising your whole home can be daunting. There are some tasks that will obviously take a lot longer, but there are plenty of little tasks and each one is a step towards a more organised and pretty home. 

Each week (hopefully) I am going to take on a small organisation task in my home and document how it went here on my blog. 

You are all invited (and I hope some of you do) to take on the 20 Minute Organisation Challenge yourself. You can either find your own small tasks or use some of mine for inspiration. Make sure to post a link to your 20 Minute Organisation Challenge in the comments below so we can all take inspiration from each other!

You can check out my first 20 Minute Organisation Challenge, where I organised the drawers in my bathroom, here.

Today's Challenge

This week I tackled the growing, disorganised mess that was my tea cupboard. I have quite a small kitchen, so despite being British and drinking a LOT of tea, I only have one small shelf in my cupboard for all our teabags. 

The piles of boxes, random sachets from hotel stays and the individual Twinnings sachets all mix up and make finding the teabag you want a real hassle.

The "Before" shot

Things I Used

Small containers for the teabags
I bought a set of these from Ikea. This set was such a bargain - 17 pieces for £3, I've used the other boxes throughout my kitchen. They seal nicely and can be labelled easily with a label maker or stickers. I also found an old business card holder which I used to store the individual sachets.

Sealed container for the sugar
You'll see in the before picture I have a sugar bowl. When pulling out the teabags I have had many near misses with this sugar bowl and even once did tip it all out of the cupboard. I decided therefore that I wanted a pot with a secure lid and this works perfectly. This cost a couple of pounds from a homegoods store. I discovered later I could have picked one up for 80p in Ikea.

A large container for spare teabags
This is a container I had spare in my cupboard, but these can be picked up from any homegoods store, supermarket and, believe or not, Ikea. 

Sandwich bags for spare teabags
Any spare teabags that did not fit in the cupboard were stored in sandwich bags that I always have to hand in the kitchen. I labelled them by slipping a bit of paper into the bag. 

My label maker
Like all good organisers I do indeed own a label maker, which I managed to pick up in a sale last year. Before I owned this I used to print labels on my computer and cover with sticky back plastic, I found that works just as well. 

Total Cost: £5

Taking Action

Step One: 00.00

To begin with I emptied the cupboard and gave it a quick clean. Next I worked out how many types of teabags I had and printed labels for each type plus the sugar bowl.

Step Two: 07.00

The next step was to label up the small boxes and fill with the teabags. I found that I could fit more into the pot if I split the pairs of teabags (most teabags come joined up in pairs). Any spare I left in the original container for now. I also filled up the new sugar bowl.

I split the individual sachets into fruit teas and others. Most of the "other" types of tea are already in the cupboard so I don't really need these individual sachets at home. I like to keep them to hand to take to work or to take with me when I travel.

I added all the individual sugar sachets into the tea strainer pot that I keep in the cupboard anyway. I keep the individual sachets because my partner finds them quite useful when he travels.

Step Three: 13.40

I then put all the remaining teabags into sandwich bags and labelled by putting in a small piece of paper with the name of the tea so that they do not get mixed up. I packed all these into the larger storage container and labelled the container "Spare Teabags" with my label maker. I have now stored this box in my pantry style cupboard. 

I can now bring this into the kitchen once a month to top up the small containers in the kitchen.

The sign of a true Brit... when they have this much "spare" tea!

Step Four: 18.10

Finally I finished up by stacking all the small containers back into the cupboard. I arranged this so that our favourite teas are at the top. The other boxes might involve moving a couple of boxes to reach but they are a lot more accessible than they were before!

It took me a couple of attempts to get this into a set up that I was happy with, so I'm afraid I did run over my time slightly. Oops! Oh well better luck next time. 

Finish: 21. 55

The Result

Pretty huh? I love the result so much more presentable and organised. I'd be more than happy to allow an overnight guest to help themselves to tea now!

Even my partner likes that he has been reunited with all the random teas he has bought but hasn't found in the back of the cupboard in a while. 

Are you taking up the 20 Minute Organisation Challenge? Let me know how it goes in the comments below or post a link to your blog post.

Speak soon x

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