20 Minute Organisation Challenge #3 - Recipe Cards

What is the 20 Minute Organisation Challenge?

The 20 Minute Organisation Challenge is a challenge to complete a small organisation task in your home in 20 minutes or less. You can find out more about the 20 Minute Organisation Challenge and how you can take part here.

Today's Challenge

I decided to tackle the ever growing pile of recipe cards in our cupboard this week. We pick up the odd recipes here and there, from supermarkets, magazines, internet print outs etc. Over the years they have mounted up to an unusable pile, so I decided it was time to sort them out.

The before shot

 Things I Used 

Plastic pocket to store the recipes
I used an old zip up pouch from Paperchase. The zip on this has broken so I was about to throw it away when I realised I could use it as some form of document holder. This was perfect for the size of recipes we had.

Card to label categories
Having divided the recipes into categories to make them more usable I need to make dividers to split them up. I bought a pack of card for £1, but there is plenty left for future projects. 

My label maker
I used this to label each of the dividers so each category was easy to find.

Total Cost: £1

Taking Action

Step One: 00.00

My first step was to go through all the recipes, throwing away recipes we had tried but not enjoyed, any duplicate recipes and I also threw away any I just didn't think we would ever use.

At the same time I started to divide them into categories: Chicken, Beef, Pork, Other Meat, Vegetarian, Side Dishes and Puddings.

Step Two: 14.30

The next step was to create the dividers. I put a few recipes into the storage pocket to get an idea of how high the dividers needed to be and marked the card accordingly. I then cut them into strips, one for each category.

Next I created a label for each category and stuck it to the top of the divider.

Step Three: 19.00

Finally I put all the recipes into the storage pocket and put back into the cupboard.

Finish: 20.00

The Result

Now all our recipes are far more accessible. Next time we have a dinner party or fancy cooking something a bit different we can search through this folder at the same time as looking through our recipe books. I definitely saw some scrummy looking options when I was sifting through.
Are you taking up the 20 Minute Organisation Challenge? Let me know how it goes in the comments below or post a link to your blog post.

Speak soon x

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