20 Minute Organisation Challenge #4 - Cupboard under the sink

What is the 20 Minute Organisation Challenge?

The 20 Minute Organisation Challenge is a challenge to complete a small organisation task in your home in 20 minutes or less. You can find out more about the 20 Minute Organisation Challenge and how you can take part here.

Today's Challenge

A couple of weeks ago, before I got ill, I decided to tackle the cupboard under my sink where I store all my cleaning, laundry and washing up products that are in use. I keep spares in my storage cupboard.

This cupboard had been on my hit list for a while as it had got so messy and untidy, since I last organised it (when we moved in 5 years ago!). I thought long and hard about how I wanted to set it up, and went on the hunt for a stackable set of storage containers.

 Things I Used 

Stackable Containers
I really wanted a set of stackable containers to organise my washing and dishwasher tablets. These took me a long time to find. I found some perfect containers on the Container Store website but at £40 shipping to the UK were a bit pricey!! I eventually found this set in Wilkinson for £3. I'd prefer a different colour but these will do for under the sink. I'm actually thinking of buying more for another project. 

Plastic baskets
I wanted to have a couple of larger baskets to hold some of the bigger items in my cupboard such as cleaning products and dusters. These came from Poundworld but I have seen them in plenty of low budget stores including Wilkinson and other pound stores, in a variety of colours.

Card and pretty wrapping paper for labels
I wanted to create some pretty labels for this project. To do this I used some spare wrapping paper to cover some cardboard squares, cut from an old cereal box.

Coloured card for labels
I used some card from the pack I bought for my recipe organisation to label the uses. Taking inspiration from IHeart Organizing I printed the labels straight onto the card and cut to size.

Sticky back plastic
I used some sticy back plastic that I had in my drawer to cover the labels to keep them protected. 

Total Cost: £5

Taking Action

Step One: 00.00

My first step was to empty everything out of the cupboard, going through everything. During this step I threw away any empty containers and moved out any duplicate items to store in our storage cupboard. Once I had done this I gave the cupboard a quick clean while it was empty.

Step Two: 04.30

My next step was to test how everything would fit in the cupboard and I played around with a couple of options before settling on keeping the stacked unit to the left.

Step Three: 06.00

I emptied all my dishwasher tablets, washing tablets and bin bags into the stackable containers. Next I started to play around with fitting all the other products into the two baskets.

Initially I had wanted all cleaning products in one basket and washing in the other. However, all the cleaning products would not fit in one basket and I eventually settled on moving the polishing products, duster and dustpan and brush into the second basket. I think this works just as well, it is only that my labels needed rethinking (which annoyed the perfectionist in me hehe!).

Step Four: 15.00

Next up I sat down to make the labels. Now I'll admit this took me over my 20 minute limit because I took so long making pretty labels, but you could easily complete this project in less than 20 minutes if you went with a simple label option.

To make the labels I first cut out a label for each basket from an old cereal box. Next I covered the label in wrapping paper.

I then printed labels on my computer, printing a test run on a scrap of paper to get the spacing right and then printing on the coloured card.

I next created a label template for the baskets and the stackable containers using tracing paper. I used the template to cut around the printed label to make it the right size.

I stuck the label onto the wraping paper and then covered each label with sticky back plastic.

Finally I stuck the labels to the containers using double sided sticky tape.

(15min organising, 25min label making)

The Result

I am now genuinely in love my under sink cupboard. This is probably one of my favourite projects to date, it looks so organised and pretty, and I use the cupboard every day. This is one of those projects where I kept opening the door just to look at how pretty it was. When my mum came round I even asked her to pass me a dishwasher tablet just so that I could show off the prettiness!

Do you have any ideas for a 20 Minute Organisation Challenge? Let me know how your projects are going in the comments below or post a link to your blog post.

Speak soon x

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