Keeping My House Tidy - My Keep All Baskets

Do you ever look at the day's clutter and think I seriously cannot be bothered to tidy up today? I think I get to this stage at least twice a week after a busy day. So a couple of years ago I decided to make it a bit easier for myself.
I use a black version of this basket from Matalan for my Keep All Baskets

I have two keep all baskets, one in my lounge and one in my hallway. The idea being that rather than wondering all over the house tidying things away, I can put everything into the keep all baskets of an evening and leave the house looking that bit tidier. Then when I have the chance/have more energy I can pick up the basket and wonder round the house putting everything back where it came from.

My aim is to do this a couple of times a week, but in all honestly it tends to be a weekend task. But ultimately it is a success, it means my daily housework is much less onerous after a long day in the office and it's only a small task to pick up the basket at the weekend.

The added bonus of my keep all baskets is that my partner uses them, particularly the one in the hallway. These days rather than getting home and dumping things on the floor by the front door, he puts them in the keep all basket. For someone who has an infuriating habit of not putting stuff away, he is sticking to the keep all basket idea. And it benefits him too, quite often when he can't find something it is in the keep all basket.

What tricks do you use to keep your house tidy on a daily basis?
Speak soon x

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