National Stationary Week

This week in the UK is National Stationary Week which is about getting people talking about stationary and pens, and their favourite products and brands.

I have loved stationary since I was a child, when I loved to have a perfectly organised beautiful pencil case and lots of pretty notepads to write on. I think my love of stationary goes hand in hand with my obsession for list making. I'm not sure which one came first.

So for National Stationary Week I thought I would share with you some of my most used products from some of my favourite stationary brands.

Paperchase is one of my favourite stationary stores in the UK. There are always such pretty designs for basic stationary, and after all whats the point in stationary if it doesn't add some prettiness to your organisation.

Linear floral tabbed document holders
These tabbed files have 3 different tabs per folder. These are a great way of holding documents that are related but you do not necessarily want to keep them all together. I use these both at work and home. For instance I have been completing job applications recently so I keep all my current applications in one folder, but have each job separated by the tabs. I have also used these for meetings, where I separate the agenda, background documents and general documents. I love feeling organised when I go to meetings.

Meal Planner
I wrote about my meal planner a while ago. This is not the same design as mine, which has been discontinued but it is the same set up. I love this little set. My partner and I still use this to plan out our meals for the week, particularly Monday - Friday. We plan our meals, write our shopping list and then stick the meal planner to the fridge.

I was given my filofax as a gift from my parents when I started my first "grown up" job after university. I love my filofax I use it to organise my life on a daily basis and take it everywhere, including on holiday.
Filofax - Personal
I use the personal size of filofax, as I don't think my uses warrant a larger size and it wouldn't fit in some of my handbags! I currently have a plain black filofax, as when I started work I wanted to be taken very seriously and look grown up. These days I like to use pretty stationary, at work as well as home, because it tends to brighten my day! I'm therefore considering opting for a brighter filofax at some point - now to decide pink or purple?

Filofax To Do Lists
I use lots of accessories for my filofax, including dividers, note pages and zip pouches to keep my post its in. By far my most used accessory is the to do lists. I use these for my day to day items, separate ongoing lists for my different projects and monthly to do lists. Ultimately, I love checking the little box when I have completed the task!

Bic Pens
These pens have been around for years, I always remember my teachers at school using the original 4-colour bic pen and being super jealous. I was stuck with my plain old HB pencil.

4-colour fashion
These days I get to use a 4-colour pen, but mine is so much cooler. Since my good ol' school days the 4-colour has evolved. Looking on Bic's website you can get a mini version, a shine version and this the fashion version. This isn't the exact version I have, which I can't find on their website, but it is similar. My version has a normal blue, black and green .... plus a PURPLE!!! This just excites me more than it should. For me this is a fantastic versatile pen. I can use the blue and black in situations where I need to appear professional such as meetings, I can use the green to highlight and I can use the purple whenever I want to brighten my day or write my to do lists.

Even better I use this pen in my notebooks, my filofax and on my list pads. This pen is fantastic because it allows you to colour code your notes, lists and diary without having to carry around lots of different pens.

So there are a few of my stationary top picks. I could keep going for hours but then it would take you hours to read. Instead I would love to hear what your favourite stationary items are, let me know in the comments below so we can all make some new stationary discoveries.
Speak soon x

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