Christmas Gift Wrap Station 2014

Just a short post from me tonight. I have been busy this weekend setting up my Gift Wrap station for the Christmas season. I wanted to get this set up early this year so that I can spread my present wrapping over all the weekends leading up to Christmas. I really enjoy wrapping presents and have a ritual of watching a Christmas movie while a wrap :-) This weekend I have The Snowman lined up and am looking forward to wrapping some of my stocking stuffers!

I've had to be a bit inventive with my Gift Wrap station this year. As I explained in my Gift Wrap Haul I've bought a bit more gift wrap than usual this year so I had to find quite a large space. As I am moving house soon I have also started packing some stuff into boxes which is taking up some of the space in my study. So I got creative and turned one of my packing boxes into a make-shift Gift Wrap table .... ta-dah...

The main gift wrap accessories are on the main"table", I've stacked up all the wrapping paper to the left and put all the bags and boxes in a box to the left of the table. I've also added a box at the back of the table with all the extra bits of wrapping paper left from last year.

Top Left: All the boxes, bags and gift filler in a box to the left; Top Right: Don;t forget to add some scissors, pens and tape dispenser to your gift wrap station; Bottom Left: Christmas bows, ribbon and tape, the box underneath has reusable pieces of fabric ribbon; Bottom Right: lots of pretty tissue paper options!

Where do you like to wrap your presents? Do you watch Christmas movies or listen to Christmassy music? I'd love to hear about your holiday rituals...
Speak soon x

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