Decorating our real Christmas Tree 2014

Putting up our Christmas Tree is one of my favourite Christmas past times. I love pulling out all the decorations that have been in hiding all year, and putting them together with the new pieces I've bought.

I like to read Christmas magazines and trawl the internet for inspiration (see my Christmas 2014 Pinterest page), to make my Christmas Tree new and exciting  each year. To be honest with you I start thinking about how I'm going to decorate my tree about the end of August. The first day it starts to feel slightly cold, that's it my head is geared towards Christmas!

This year I tried something a bit different and I'm so pleased with the results I wanted to share it with you guys!

My Christmas Tree 2014
Picking the tree
We buy a real tree every year. I know this tends to be personal taste but for us it started out as necessity - we really don't have the space to store a fake tree for 11 months of the year. Now I love the tradition of picking out our Christmas tree and the smell of a real tree is just amazing! (Although if you have a fake tree,  hide some pine car freshers in the tree like Pam from The Office).

Picking the right shape and type of tree is really important. In our flat we don't have much space for a giant tree so I have always opted for a 4ft tree.  The only problem is they tend to be short and wide so we end up trimming the tree at the back. This year I wanted a taller tree and we found a beautiful 6ft tree at our local garden centre which actually takes up less room because its narrower. While the shape of this year's tree is perfect it does shed more than types we've had before - I've already had to hoover 3 times! I'd say if you're new to the real tree world, find out what types of tree your local centre stock and do a bit of research first.

Once home, we set up the tree in the tree stand and gave it lots of water. We then left it 24 hours for the branches to drop before we decorated.

Decorating the tree
This year I had opted for a more traditional style tree, focusing on the deep red colours and more rustic woodland themed ornaments. I already had quite a few red decorations but I needed some more rustic style decorations, which you can see in my decorations haul.

Scarecrow or Arty Tree?

Behind the decorations I wanted to add some depth to my tree and had an idea of playing with some raffia to build up the tree. I bought a couple of packets of raffia from Hobby Craft for £2 a pack, but I'm sure you can pick it up from any craft store. After we had put the lights on the tree (having checked they still worked first, of course) I started to add the raffia, attempting to lay it in a diagonal flow around the tree. While we were adding it, I could see my vision taking place and I was really chuffed. My partner joked I was turning the tree into a scarecrow!

I attached my bows with the wire ties you get with sandwich bags
Before adding my decorations, I added the 9 bows I had: there were 3 red and 3 neutral from Wilko and I made 3 tartan ribbons from the ribbon I bought in Matalan. I added each set in a vague triangle shape from the front of the tree, to add some shape and organised pattern. 

I love big statement decorations, I really can't decide which of these is my favourite!

I then started to think about adding the decorations, firstly I split them into 3 size groups: the larger, statement ornaments, the mid sized ornaments and the smaller ornaments. I added the larger items first, placing them around the tree, to avoid overcrowding and balance out the tree. I then placed the mid-sized ornaments in between, thinking about the colourings and trying to avoid too much of the same colour in the same place. I managed to place my fluffy owl ornaments hidden in some raffia - it looks so cute! Finally I used the smaller ornaments to fill in the gaps and add some depth to the tree, by placing them further down the branches.

Spot the owls hiding!
When I finished I spent a few minutes playing and moving some ornaments around, and then left it until the morning. When I got up I moved a couple more things around and now I'm really happy with it. 

This is definitely one of my favourite trees we have ever had, and I'm getting used to the constant hoovering - its worth it for the perfect shaped tree! Have you decorated your tree yet, I would love to see them, you can tweet them to me @theredhouse19
Speak soon x

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