A new start for my new home in 2015

A week ago today I woke up in my new house. Finally. Moving house has been a long arduous process which started over a year ago so it's nice that it's finally over. But enough about that I will do a couple of posts on our home moving experience soon.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I wasn't ready for new years resolutions and was instead going to wait for a fresh start in the new house. So here goes....

A few months ago I read in Ideal Home magazine that sometimes new year resolutions are best served broken down into manageable chunks, 3 months for example. I like this idea, I like the idea of not putting the pressure on myself to keep going for the whole year or alternatively giving myself the opportunity to put something off for the whole year. So I'm going to take a similar approach, but rather than strict 3 monthly timescales, I'm going to use events that are roughly 3 months apart. For example my birthday is 3 months away (yesterday), so my first set of goals are things to work towards or achieve before then. 

I don't want to overwhelm myself with too many goals, so I intend to stick to three key themes: health and happiness, professional and home. 

Health and happiness
I have always set myself new year's resolutions to lose weight, and I am sure I am not alone. I do need to lose weight, especially after Christmas and lots of takeaways because we didn't have a fridge in the new house for 5 days, but this type of new year's resolution doesn't work for me. 

Instead over the next couple of months I would like to take the effort to learn more about my diet and more about nutritional eating. I started with the basics, and purchased "Nutrition for dummies" as my first step. I'm hoping by learning more about the types of foods I need, I'll think more about the food I'm eating. 

Professionally I'm feeling in a bit of a rut at the moment, and feel like I need to progress onto something new, although staying in the same organisation. Before I can do this I need to finish my professional requirements, that I have been putting off for a year - all the time I thought I'd be moving house any minute. My aim is to get this finished off before my birthday, so that I can start considering my next career move. 

Finally, my home, my new home. My head is full of ideas swirling around about all the things I'd like to do to make my new house, a cosy home for two. On the other hand, my notebook is full of lists of things that need to be done on the house such as fixing doors and dealing with peeling wallpaper. Top of that list is unpacking.

I had, admittedly unrealistic, dreams of turning my new home into an immaculate show home in a matter of weeks. My first thoughts had been that my resolution for the home would be something little like label everything or have pretty storage, but I now realise I need to step back to the basics and treat my new home as a walk rather than a sprint. So instead my aim for my birthday is to have unpacked everything... It feels easily achievable, but as I'm now back at work and achieving one box a night it may quickly feel like a challenge!

How is 2015 treating you? Did you make any resolutions, how are they going?
Speak soon x

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  1. I love the idea of chunking, it helps to reduce stress and overwhelm. I now use that concept with daily tasks too. If I have a full day of stuff to do, I break it down into chucks and attack a few at a time then take a break. And, hey, it's especially helpful when you're trying to settle down in a new home.

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