Checking In - My 3 month resolutions

So as you may have guessed from my lack of blog posts, getting settled in the new house has been no easy picnic. In fact I have been writing this posts for a couple of weeks... when I first sat down to write this post, I thought why even bother as I haven't really stuck to any of my goals. But then I thought about it ... yes I haven't achieved everything I wanted but then that's why I made them 3 month goals not 1 month goal. And I have made some considerable steps that deserve to be mentioned....

I'm loving the Spring sunshine and the beautiful cherry blossoms...

If you read my last post on my resolutions you'll know that I have split my resolutions into three key themes: health and happiness, professional and home, and that I set resolutions to achieve by my birthday at the end of April. 

In terms of health and happiness I have to admit I really haven't got very far with the overall aim of eating healthily but in the weeks it's taken me to write this I have been getting better. Unfortunately, when we first moved in the novelty of being in walking distance to lots of yummy takeaways had a quite disastrous effect on my waistline. To the point that I was failing completely in the other half of this resolution - "happiness" - it obviously not tragic but it did make me feel very uncomfortable and therefore unhappy when I struggled to fit into my clothes. 

On the other hand, outside of the takeaways my management of our food shopping has really improved since we have moved house. In the weeks since we moved in, I can count on just one hand the number of days I haven't had a packed lunch - and most of those were because I met a friend for lunch. I've found a great combination of lunch foods that are really working for us and I've got into a regularly habit of ordering my food shopping on the way to work on a Monday, for it to be delivered Tuesday night. Now I just need to get reading that nutrition book (which I've read 2 pages of) and stop eating takeaways. 

I'm having better luck with staying on top of my professional resolutions. I set myself an aim of completing my professional requirements before my birthday. In an aim to force myself to deliver I set a meeting with my professional body for mid-March to discuss my work in more detail so that I could submit a final version in time for my birthday. This worked brilliantly. Giving myself the deadline forced me to get on with things, and the meeting really spurred me on to cross the finishing line. I submitted the final version a couple of weeks ago and should hear back by the end of the Month - fingers crossed!!

And finally my home resolutions were mainly focused on the seemingly achievable task of unpacking all my boxes. When I wrote that resolution I was down to unpacking just one box a day, and now thanks to decorating requirements and DIY disasters in some rooms and lack of furniture in others I'm now down to just one or two boxes a week. I'm hoping I can still get most things unpacked by the end of the month, with the help of a few days off next week, but hopefully I can make more progress on the house generally once we finish decorating the first room of the house!

Did you set any resolutions - either yearly or monthly? How are you getting on with yours?
Speak soon x

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