My 3 month resolutions for July - October 2015

At the beginning of this year I made a decision not to set myself another batch of new year resolutions that I'd ultimately forget all about. Instead I decided to set myself 3 month resolutions during the year that were specific and achievable in the 3 month period. I set some resolutions back in January and I made some really good progress, achieving more than I expected in some areas. Today I thought I'd set a few more with the aim of meeting them by the end of October.

I never know what photos to add to these posts so, as the weather is terrible in the UK today, I thought I'd add some beautiful flowers to cheer us all up! 

Health & Happiness

I have been dividing my resolutions up into categories, starting with health and happiness. I've been doing reasonably well here recently, having joined the gym and started a new exercise regime. I'm also particularly enjoying making exercise commitments with friends having taken up swimming and Zumba. Having someone to go with definately makes it easier to force yourself out the door after a long day at work. I'd like to try and keep this up and make sure I leave work in time to get to classes (I've missed a couple recently because I've stayed late). My goal here will be to establish a solid regime over the next 3 months.

So that's the health bit sorted, for happiness I want to build on my earlier point about leaving work on time. Having started a new job and with lots of DIY to do I am finding very little time to relax and take a rest.  I don't remember the last time I had a long relaxing bubble bath. So my goal is to make sure I give up one evening a fortnight for some good old fashioned laziness!


I've achieved a lot that I'm really proud of as part of my professional goals and ambitions this year. In the first half of the year I managed to get the promotion I was working towards, having recently taken up my new role and I also passed my professional requirements to get my final certificates. I feel happy with what I have achieved this year career wise and feel I now need to focus more on settling into my new role.

I will however, need to consider what moves I want to make next year when this particular position comes to an end. With that in mind my career goals have become a slighter longer term goal to find the right position for my next move. As an achievable goal for the next 3 months I will aim to review to my CV and start to make a plan on how I want to make my next career move. 


We've done a lot to our new home in the now 6 months we've been living here. I can't believe we've been living here that long and how quickly the time has gone. For the last couple of months we had been working up to some family visiting for the weekend with the aim of getting the house ready for guests (such as having curtains in the guest room or a bathroom door that locked!). I think we've achieved a lot in the lead up to that weekend, we've painted four rooms in the house, fixed some of the key issues with the house and we have fully furnished and decorated our bedroom (posts coming soon). 

Our next main goal is to decorate the rest of the house, at least basic decoration within our own tastes by Christmas. Mainly because, now we have a house rather than a flat, we are hosting Christmas for the first time and I am so so excited about that! There are obviously quite a few specific things I want to achieve under "home"including decorating my hallway, the kitchen and sorting out my new study. However, these are meant to be resolutions and I wanted to focus on how I was going to achieve these things in the next three months.

So my plan is that I'd like to do a bit more project management and budget planning for the rest of the year. Over the last few weeks it's been more ad hoc, i.e. "we need to achieve this today or this weekend", but I'd prefer to think about what we need to do and what we need to do it a bit further in advance so we can be a bit more organised. As for budgeting, until recently we had been benefiting from the changes to stamp duty a few weeks before we moved which meant we had a bit more money saved that we could spend on the house. Now we need to be a bit more aware of what we're spending and how much we should be budgeting for each room. 

So there are my next set of goals for the next three months of year, which leads nicely up to November, and in my head at least, the count down to Christmas! Did you make any resolutions this year? How are you getting on with them?
Speak soon x

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