Summer Holiday Packing Series: Packing my carry on and being prepared for the airport

I don't know about you guys but I often find that the travelling to and from is the most stressful part of any trip. Especially when you are flying and have to contend with airport parking, check in rules and airport security. On my recent trip to Greece it really struck me how much people get flustered at the airport, particularly when going through security so I thought I would share how I cope with the stresses of air travel and the organisation ideas I use.

This is a blog about planning and organisation, so it will be no surprise to anyone that my key tip for surviving your journey to and from a holiday is to plan what you need for the trip and organise it in your hand luggage in the most efficient way.

One of the most important things to consider when you're preparing for a trip is selecting the right bags to take with you. On previous trips I have used laptop style bags to carry the majority of our hand luggage items - I have two great bags that have a slip on the back that slips over the handle of your suitcases. The only problem with these is that once your check your suitcases you have to carry the bags yourself!

On our most recent trip we took just one piece of hand luggage each: I took a large tote handbag and my partner carried a cabin size suitcase on four wheels from the same Linea Denim range as our checked suitcases. By taking a suitcase on wheels we limited the amount we had to carry ourselves and had lots of room to take jumpers for the plane and some spare space for some cheeky duty free purchases.

I love the Linea Denim cabin size case for hand luggage because it's light, is easily movable with it's four wheels and has great internal storage options for organising our carry on items. The zipped off section in the top half of the suitcase can be used for those items you don't need until you're on the plane for example I put our hoodies and books in there or the items you don't need for the journey but you don't want to put in your checked luggage for example we put our camera in here. We also used this section to store our duty free purchases once we were on the plane. The zipped mesh pocket I used for smaller stationary items (I like to plan things and write lists on planes - or anywhere to be honest). The elasticated pockets held our sunglasses and my prescription glasses for when I took my contact lenses out. And finally in the bottom half of the suitcase, and specifically the most accessible part of the suitcase, I put all our electronic items so that we could easily pull them out for the security check.

For my carry on I used a great tote bag I picked up in Zara a couple of years ago. I love this bag, especially for travel; it has a large removable zipped pocket that I use to store our travel documents, passports and cash. It has four external zips which can be used to expand the bag - great for adding in newspapers and magazines for the plane. And it has three open pockets to hold things I need to access such as my phone and headphones. Finally in my carry on I pack one small transparent cosmetics case (from a set I bought in Boots) which includes all our in flight essentials and is quickly scanned through security.

This set up worked really well for us on our latest trip. When we arrived at security my partner simple opened the suitcase and took the electronic items straight out and I took the small cosmetics case out of my bag. We added our phones and we were good to go. There was no rummaging around in all our bags to find things and we were through security quick and easy, with plenty of time for some lunch and duty free shopping!

How do you prepare for a long trip or vacation travel? Do you have any tips or ideas to share?
Speak soon x

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