Summer Holiday Packing Series: Review of Linea Denim Suitcases

Earlier this year we went on a short weekend away and had booked hand baggage only fares. I knew we would need some new luggage as we only had one hand baggage size case and the handle had a habit of popping out at inopportune times! I wanted to get some matching cases with the idea of completing the set with the larger cases if I liked the cabin size.

In looking for a new set I was interested in finding hard sided cases because I wanted something that would be sturdier and longer lasting. I have never owned hard sided cases before but have always thought they looked quite sleek, particularly as a matching set. For the interior I was looking for something with the dual sided capacity and lots of interior pockets. In the end I went with the Linea Denim range from House of Fraser.

Linea Denim Suitcases from House of Fraser; review

In terms of the appearance I like the denim blue colour, I feel it strikes a nice balance between the standard black colour that can merge into the baggage conveyor and a garishly bright colour which my other half would refuse to carry. The ribbed detail on the front of the case is nicely unique but in my opinion isn't necessary as the blue colour ticks the unique appearance box. My concern, however, is that the additional edges make it more prone to scuffs and scratches when it's tossed around in the baggage hold, as you can see from the pictures of our cases when we returned from Greece.

Linea Denim Suitcases from House of Fraser

For use I really like the four wheels on the bottom as it makes the cases easier to move and gives more flexibility. You can wheel two cases at a time which is handy if we take the cabin and checked cases. You can also wheel along on the two back wheels if that's easier. The handles on the cabin cases give a couple if height options, with the largest extension best for both of us (at 6ft and 5ft 5inches) and the handle on the larger case extends a short length that was sufficient for both of us. The handles are a bit stiff but I suspect they will loosen with time.

Linea Denim Suitcases from House of Fraser

The zips are thick and sturdy and close smoothly. The wide rubber band around the zips feels like it offers some protection during transit and the expanding zip offers good flexibility, particularly as hard cases are harder to stuff things into!  I particularly like the TSA locks which I have wanted for ages. I love that our things are secure while still being able to be security checked without damaging our cases or padlocks. The locks were easy to set up with our own number and easy to undo when needed.

Linea Denim Suitcases from House of Fraser

The interior of these cases is my favourite part. In the larger cases both sides are deep enough to stack two well stuffed packing cubes. The top half of the cases are slightly restricted by the curved edging but not so much that it's a problem. The elastic strap on the bottom half of the case has sufficient stretch to easily cover a full case but enough elasticity to hold some small items securely in the bottom of the case, if you're not fully packing the case.

Linea Denim Suitcases from House of Fraser

The pockets on the partition are an amazing addition to a suitcase. They are deep and spacious, you get two in the cabin size and three in the larger case.  In the cabin size I stored sunglasses, card games and medication. In the larger case I could store shoes, not just flip flops but Converse shoes, and books. The mesh pocket is a useful addition for items you want to protect or can get lost easily in a case such as jewellery or pens.

Linea Denim Suitcases from House of Fraser

I have found these to be good quality sturdy cases that give lots of flexibility for packing and organisation. It's a shame about the scuff marks but I suppose you should expect some wear and tear on checked luggage!

Have you got some favourite travel gear? Do you prefer lots of organisation in your cases or are you more of a stuff it in packer?

Speak soon x

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