How I keep my handbag organised

I'm back today with a short and sweet post. I've had a very hectic week at work and with no sign of it easing up next week I'm trying to take it easy this weekend. So today I thought I head for a good ol' blogging and You Tube staple of sharing what's in and how I organise my handbag.

I have a growing collection of handbags and like to change them out fairly regularly, at least once a week or two weeks normally, and sometimes I like to change to match my handbag to a specific outfit.

To make my life easier I keep my handbag organised in compartments using different pouches and cases. I take different pouches, depending on where I'm going, but by keeping everything collated in cases I can swap things in and out quickly and easily.

I am currently using my Radley Bloomsbury which I purchased this summer in the sales. I like this bag as it fairly roomy and can be carried over my shoulder, in my hand or in the crook of my arm. I'm also totally in love with the grey colour.

At the moment I am carrying in my handbag my standard Emergency Kit (which I posted about last year); my work pouch which keeps everything I need for work and can be kept out of my bag at the weekend; my day to day purse; a purse for all my store cards etc; my headphones; my umbrella and my sunglasses.

If you'd like to see what I'm keeping in each of these pouches, check out my "What's in my handbag" You Tube video which I posted today.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. I'd love to hear how you organise your handbag - if you've done a "what's in my handbag" video or post lately why not post a link in the comments below?
Speak soon x

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