Master Bedroom Makeover 2015 - Ikea Hack Marius Stool

In this penultimate post of my Master Bedroom Makeover series I'll be sharing my first ever Ikea Hack. One of the key things I wanted in the bedroom in our new house was a dressing table, a place I could have my make up and make up brushes delicately displayed, where I could sit and get ready in the morning, doing my make up properly and brushing my hair romantically. I found a cute, quite low dressing table on Ebay, but I needed a stool to go with it.

As part of my room decor I upcycled an old easy chair that I inherited from my grandparents. For that project I had purchased some gorgeous fabric and I had some left, which is when I had the idea to create a matching stool. And for a cheap stool, of course my first thought was Ikea! The Marius Stool was the perfect size to fit under my dressing table, the black colour matches the other black accents and the price is fantastic at just £3 (in my head I was thinking, if it didn't work we would only waste £3!)

So to create my first ever Ikea Hack, I used a square of material from Dunelm Mill, a square foam pad cut to size also from Dunelm Mill, scissors, a stanley knife, superglue and a staple gun.

The first step was to roughly cut the foam to the right shape. I used a stanley knife to cut a rough shape around the stool, leaving room to trim the edges later. I then stuck the foam to the stool using a standard super glue. You need a lot more glue than you would imagine because the glue soaks into the foam. We then left some big heavy books on top and left it to dry overnight.

Once the foam was securely stuck down, I used the stanley knife to trim the edges down to the edge of the stool. It is genuinely impossible to cut a nice neat edge of foam, but I wanted to get it as close to the edge of the stool as I could and hoped the material would create a smoother edge.

For the next stage my sensible OH suggested that we remove the legs to the stool and to be honest it might have been sensible to do that earlier, but hey ho, you live and learn. So we cut a square of fabric, slightly larger than the stool and worked out a rough way of pinning the fabric. By practising first we worked out that we wouldn't be able to get round without having to put creases in the fabric, so we tried to plan where they would be.

We then pulled the fabric over and stapled using a staple gun, working our way round and making sure that the fabric was taught. To finish it off we cut off the excess fabric underneath to tidy it up.

And here it is, an elegantly simple stool for our luxury bedroom, for less than £10 will all the supplies.

I'm really chuffed with how this little Ikea hack turned out and it works perfectly in our bedroom. I absolutely love sitting at my dressing table, brushing my hair and doing my make up in the mornings! Do you have any favourite Ikea hacks to share?
Speak soon x

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