Master Bedroom Makeover 2015 - Refurbishing a Chest of Drawers and Homemade Chalk Paint Take II

If you read my post last Thursday about upcycling some bedside cabinets with homemade chalk paint, you'll know I wasn't in love with the finished product.  When it came time to refurbish the  chest of drawers for the same room we decided to take a slightly different approach while still aiming for the same style.

We picked up this chest of drawers on ebay for a quite extravagant £120. I had been hunting for a chest of drawers for a few months as I wanted one that would exactly fill the 164cm gap we had between the wardrobes. This one was perfect in that respect.

We decided that part of the problem with the bedside cabinets was that the paint hadn't really adhered to the surface sufficiently and was therefore easy to knock off. To avoid this with the chest of drawers we decided to sand it down first, using our Black and Decker detailed sander and a medium 120 grit sanding sheet. We weren't aiming to sand it completely back but rather take the sheen off and create a rough surface for the paint to adhere to, as you can see from the pictures below. 

To boost the staying power of the paint we added an extra 2/3 cup of paint to the mixture to give it a thicker consistency.  Even from the first coat this seemed to give a better finish.

To finish off we used the same Wilko spray can lacquer. In hindsight I wish we hadn't done this and had instead found a paint on alternative. The spray doesn't seem to give a smooth finish and because you have to do it outside you catch bits of pollen and dust on the surface of the furniture.

That aside, the durability of this method has far surpassed the bedside cabinets. To finish we sprayed the handles gold. I do want to get some metal knobs to match the rest of the furniture but for now these are fine, in fact the chunky style of them is growing on me.

I am far happier with how the chest of drawers turned out, it looks great in the room and I think the finish will hold a lot longer than the bedside cabinets. 

Have you had a go at upcycling your Ebay finds? What's your favourite project?
Speak soon x

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