Monthly Favourites July 2015

I've always enjoyed reading and watching monthly favourites posts. I enjoy finding recommendations for new products and let's be honest a little snoop into people's lives. Today I've decided to jump on the good ol' band wagon and give it a go with my monthly favourites for July, covering a whole miss-mash of things in my life at the moment.

Using Command Strips to hang jewellery in my wardrobe ~ Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha bag ~ Set of 4 Tupperware containers from Paperchase ~ Grey Ankle Grazers from Dorothy Perkins (picture from Dorothy Perkins website - link)

Fashion Monthly Favourites

Dorothy Perkins Grey Ankle Grazers

I started my new job in July and was concious that I needed the wardrobe to match my new role. I wanted some smart ankle grazers in grey and hunted for ages to find them. The day before I started I found this pair in Dorothy Perkins. To be honest with you I haven't bought much in Dorothy Perkins in years and saw these as a temporary pair until I found a pair I really liked. However, I have been pleasantly surprised.  The fabric is very thin but holds a pleat really well and maintains that smart edge.  As a plus the thin fabric has been fantastically light in the hot weather we've been having recently. Finally they wash really well and haven't needed ironing yet - even maintaining that pleat. I am definitely impressed and the price point at £18  is just the cherry on top!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha

I've had my Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha bag for 3 years now but I don't think I have worn it as much as I have in July. It became a staple everyday bag for me this month. Normally I have a boring looking back pack or something similar which I use everyday to carry all my work essentials and then use my nice handbags at the weekend. This month I decided I wanted to use my nice handbags to go with my new wardrobe and could use a tote or laptop bag in addition when I needed to. The Natasha is the perfect size to carry my everyday essentials including my work and travel passes, my emergency kit, my planner, sunglasses and umbrella (I am in the UK!) and my phone. The options to wear as a cross body is really useful for those days I am also lugging around a laptop bag. 

Home Decor and Organisation Monthly Favourites

Command Strips

This month I have started to do a bit more of the finishing touches and organsiation in those rooms we have managed to decorate. I have been using Command Strips for a few years now and used them to hang all our pictures in our flat. I picked up some more for the new house and have been really impressed by the wide range of strips now available. I have been using the hook style strips in particular to organise around the house including to hang jewellery and belts in my wardrobe. I've also been using the trusty picture hanging strips to start to hang some of favourite pictures and start to make this house feel like our home!

Tupperware Containers

I'm sure I speak for many households when I say I have a drawer full of tupperware containers in different sizes from different companies that have just stacked up over the years, but this month I can actually say I have been using them. Since we returned from our holiday in Greece (where we made great use of a huge salad bar every day) we have been enjoying taking healthy and varied salads to work for lunch. To make sure we have a good variety of easy to access options I have been buying a few things and preparing them in advance, stored in tupperware containers. In the mornings I then put the containers on the kitchen side and we can select a few items to add to our salad boxes - kind of like a salad buffet. In particular I have been been enjoying using the set of four containers I picked up in Paperchase about a year ago as they are small enough to store lots in the fridge but the variety of sizes stores all the different types of food we enjoy. 

Multimedia Monthly Favourites

TV Monthly Favourite - Channel 4 Humans

This month we've been really enjoying the new drama from Channel 4 - Humans. It's a really engaging show that explores an alternative future where synthetic human like robots are available for purchase as home help, and the impact of their existence on human lives and relationships. It's a fascinating concept and a show that really gets you talking. It's the last episode tonight - can't wait to see how this series ends. 

Film Monthly Favourite - Inside Out

We've been making a lot of use of our Cineworld Unlimited Cards this month. It's nice to get back into going to the cinema regularly as we've struggled a bit to find the time since we moved house. This month one of our favourite films has to be Inside Out. It wasn't what I expected from the trailer but was a really sweet story with a lovely underlying message. And as with all good animated films there were an equal number of jokes for adults as well as kids. 

That's a few of my monthly favourites for July. I'd love to know if there are other categories you'd be interested to hear about in future favourites posts? Do you have any must have items for the month of July?

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