Planner Sticker Haul from UK Etsy Stickers - August 2015

I've been using a Filofax and planners for years, I used to love the student planners you were given at school and purchased some super pretty versions while I was at University. Since I left university in 2009 I used a personal size Filofax, which my parents gave me as a gift on my first day of my graduate job, until this year where I opted for a Personal Planner. Whichever planner I have been using I have always decorated my planners and found ways to make them colourful and organised. The rise of the planner community and Etsy sticker shops has only made this more fun and it's becoming more of a hobby.

If you watched my stationery haul a few weeks ago, you;ll know I recently purchased some beautiful stickers from Hello Ashley Ann. They were wonderful and I'm glad I purchased them, but the customs charges, shipping costs and royal mail handling fee add quite a lot to the price. I therefore started searching on Etsy for UK based stickers and found some wonderful shops. I've still got a fair few shops on my list to purchase from but I thought I'd share today what I've picked up so far from three lovely shops.

Michelle and Patch

Michelle and Patch is run by Michelle who is based in Falkirk, Scotland. Her stickers are absolutely beautiful, they are like little bits of art. The attention to detail is amazing and they have such a girly feel about them that I find them perfect for my planner style. When I ordered back in June, shipping took a couple of weeks I think but Michelle is currently turning the shop into a ready to ship shop so that shouldn't be an issue going forward. According to the message on Etsy the shop is due to reopen on Wednesday 26th August - I'd definitely recommend checking it out! 


StickelCo is based in London and run by Kelly. This shop has loads of functional stickers (you know like to do lists etc.), mainly geared towards the Erin Condren life planners but I'm using them in my Personal Planner just fine. I love the pastel colours of these stickers but there are some brighter colours available too. Kelly also has some cute picture stickers, including these adorable cups and mugs. I found delivery from StickelCo very quick, Kelly is currently quoting up to 3 days on her shop. 

The Plump Planner

The Plump Planner is based in Brighton and mainly has lots of cute picture stickers for your planner, although I've just spotted the cute Autumn set with box style stickers!! The value for money with The Plump Planner is fantastic, at just £1.95 a set you get a lot of stickers and in most cases a variety of stickers. I'd say the quality of paper used is not as hardy as the shops above, but you do get more to a sheet. The shipping from The Plump Planner was quick and arrived within a few days.

If you want to see all the stickers I've purchased in more detail, why not check out this week's haul video on my You Tube channel (The Red House). Don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@theredhouse19) to see how I use my planner stickers each week. 

I'm really enjoying decorating my planner and turning it into a little piece of art each week. How do you use your planner? Do you have any favourite planner supplies?
Speak soon x

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