Master Bedroom Makeover 2015 - Room Reveal

Our bedroom in our new home is currently my favourite place to be. It was the second room we tackled after moving in and we wanted to create an elegant, grown up relaxing sanctuary away from all our other DIY projects.

My inspiration for this room was the Kate Spade gold, black and white prints. It took me a while to convince my other half of the colour scheme and what I was trying to achieve. I was aiming for a quite neutral colour scheme and all the examples I could find in magazines were, not old fashioned but not modern either. He was really concerned we would end up with an "old granny" style room. Thanks to pinterest I managed to combine a beautiful mood board, and in a way evidence, that we could achieve something neutral and modern enough at the same time.

One of the great things about this colour scheme was the sharp contrast to the dark, slightly gothic decor that the previous owners has put in. I have nothing against this decorative approach, but it wasn't a very relaxing room for us. The advantage of going for something in such a sharp contrast to the the existing decor meant it really felt like we were making the house our own.

For the furniture I wanted to keep it really light and fresh, with white furniture being my preferred choice. However, in looking online and in stores it became apparent that unless we were going to go super high end with our furniture, white furniture can look very cheap. Having caught the furniture upcycling bug I decided to have a a go at upcycling some Ebay finds.  I have already posted about our upcycling experiences with our bedside tables and chest of drawers. Although we've had some trouble and we may revisit these pieces next year, I am pleased with how they fit in the room and still think they are better than the pieces we could have bought in the same price range.

For the other furniture, we purchased Ikea wardrobes because we wanted the flexible organisation inside and we knew they fitted as the previous owners had had the same wardrobes. We did however, opt to find door handles from Homebase that fit our decor and while it meant we didn't have handles for 2 months I'm glad we waited to find the right handles for the room, getting the detail right rather than rushing.

The dressing table was a brand new bargain from Ebay and the bed was a fantastic sale purchase from Laura Ashley. The headboard was a brand new item from Ebay also. The dressing table stool was a upcycled find from Ikea which I wrote about last week. The mirrors were re-purposed pieces that my parents had in their garage and were no longer using. I love the result of combining new and old pieces from lots of different sources.

The easy chair is one of my favourite pieces, formerly my Grandparent's chair. I sanded the chair, painted in white and reupholstered it to create an elegant, modern piece that has a special place in my heart as a family heirloom. The stool is also a personal triumph as my first Ikea Hack. I love how, by using the same fabric, I have managed to tie it together with the chair.

For me the best bit about this room is the attention we have put into the finishing touches and making sure we have seen the theme all the way through. Although this has taken a lot more time than I originally envisaged I am glad we haven't rushed the room or left it unfinished. The finishing touches included adding gold curtains with black poles, the gold, black and white framed photos create a beautiful focal point for the room and the matching accessories really add the finishing touches. I think that it is all of these elements that have really pulled the room together and finished it.

In decorating this room we wanted to invest in making it a room for us to relax and feel rested in. All of the furniture form our room in our old house has been reused in other rooms in the new house, so everything in this room is new, if not to us, to our bedroom. Thanks to the changes in stamp duty just before we moved, we had a slightly bigger budget for the room than we imagined and were able to go ahead with purchasing a new bed and new carpet, which we thought would be something we'd have to wait until next year to do. We still had a tight budget however, and by combining refurbished Ebay finds, Ebay bargains, sale purchases and refurbished items gifted by family we have managed to deliver the room we wanted, to a high standard but we below budget.

I am so pleased with how this room has turned out and it is truly a relaxing sanctuary away from all the other projects we have on the go and other daily stresses. What do you think? Have you got any projects you want to rave about?
Speak soon x

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