Creating A Chalk Memo Board Using Chalkboard Paint - I Heart Organizing's Dare to DIY With A New Supply

I have been reading the I heart organizing blog for a few years now, and truth be told Jen's passion for her projects was one of the things that inspired me to dabble in the world of blogging myself. Last week Jen challenged us all to "dare to diy with a new supply". I had a couple of projects that have been on my to do list for a while so I took the prompt and got cracking.

My first project; transforming this broken mirror into a blackboard for our kitchen, comes with a little back story... Our little kitten works like clockwork - every morning, at the same time, he wakes us up by scratching on the door. One morning a few weekends ago we hadn't heard him, and for the first time in a while got a lovely lie in! We went downstairs to find the cutest innocent kitten face, and hidden round the corner our mirror had miraculously jumped off the dresser and smashed on the floor. Nothing to do with the innocent little kitten of course!!

Stuck with a broken mirror but a perfectly solid frame I wanted to find a way of re-purposing it and then remembered I had some chalkboard paint I purchased months ago but hadn't yet tried. The chalkboard paint I am using is from B&Q DIY store and is their own brand.

After I had removed all the broken glass and hoovered the frame to clear any remnants, I taped off the frame with masking tape.

Following the instructions on my B&Q chalkboard paint, I first painted two coats, making sure to push it into the edges. The result was a fairly solid covering with a few lighter areas where I'd missed the second coat. The instructions said to wait 4 hours between subsequent coats. I left mine overnight as I was out that evening but it was touch dry within half hour. I added two more coats over a couple of days, which resulted in good solid finish. When painting the 3rd coat I noticed how quickly it was drying, even while I was painting it - if I needed to touch up I needed more paint rather than brushing over the existing wet paint.

I wanted to use the chalkboard in my kitchen which is currently painted light green. I had some left over Rustoleum Chalk Paint in white, which I thought would look nice off set against the green and as a bonus uses supplies I already had. I used two coats of the paint to add a solid white finish to the frame and top off with the Rustoleum sealer.

To finish it off I added "To Remember..." to the top and used the existing hook to hang it in the kitchen.

I had been planning to add a chalkboard to our kitchen since we moved in but, not wanting to spend the extortionate price for cutesy chalkboards, I had been planning to paint one straight onto the wall when we redecorated next year. This little mishap with the mirror has given me a great opportunity to add something useful and cute now, all with items I already had at home.

We'll be using our chalkboard to keep little notes of things we need do, items we need to remember to buy at the shops. Also I've had this grand idea for Christmas Day - we're hosting for the first time ever this year, so I figured we could use the chalkboard to plan out our cooking times.

And finally for those wondering, here's the little culprit responsible for the mirror's mishap...

I'm really pleased with how this turned out, particularly given it started the week as a broken mirror! My first dalliance with chalkboard paint has turned out great and I'm really impressed with B&Q's paint, which covered well and dried quickly. Has Jen's post inspired you to use a new supply you've been thinking of trying?
Speak soon x

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  1. I absolutely love this transformation! Such a great DIY, and so wonderful that you were able to make something useful out of something that was broken. Thank you so much for participating and sharing!


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