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Can you believe it's the 4th October already, seriously where has this year gone!? Being the incessant future planner I am, I am already starting to think about what planner I want to get for next year so I thought I would share a review of my planner for this year, hoping it might be of help to those also pondering their planner of choice for 2016!!

This year I purchased a personal planner from Personal planners seem to be available in most countries with different websites for each. You use the website to choose your basic planner and design the details to meet your personal needs.

I opted for the A5 size with the horizontal layout. I should say from the outset that I think I regret getting the horizontal layout. When I purchased this I thought I would get more use out of it but as I have grown a love for decorating my planner and the planner community I think I would have enjoyed decorating a vertical layout more. This of course is my own fault as this is what I chose, but just saying. You live and learn, and I am now on the hunt for a vertical planner for next year.

Things I loved about my personal planner...

Designing it myself...

The whole concept of these planners and the personal planner website really appeals to me. I love that I did not receive a bog standard planner that I needed to adapt to my needs, but rather designed it for my needs before it was shipped to me. The details you can add are fantastic including a personalised front cover, the text colours, the layout colours and patterns, the elastic closure colour etc. In addition to that you can personalise the layout of your planner pages to meet your needs including whether to have lines, stripes or timetable, you can add additional items such as workout schedules, weekly meal plans, to do lists. 

The most fantastic thing I found was the ability to add personal dates - you simply add in the important dates with the appropriate years for things like birthdays and anniversaries which are then added to your diary with the correct age for that person. The website saves all these details and if I go back next year they'll be added to my next planner too.

The print quality...

I was particularly impressed with the print quality of this planner especially given the price of just £19.99. The paper is thick good quality stock and the colour and patterned printing is sharp and detailed. In addition the photo I added for my front cover is clear and well printed on photographic thick paper, and is then protected by a plastic cover. I have seen non-personalised planners for much more money with far thinner, lower quality paper and am very impressed with the quality of this planner, particularly for the price. 

The extras at the back...

Part of the personal design includes what additional sections you want included at the back of the personal planner. These include the fairly standard options for yearly overviews, different lines/squared/blank paper, address pages and maps. There are also more unique options including music paper, colouring book pages, sudoku and teacher planner resources. As a new addition this year you can add a monthly overview at the back. I love the ability to customise your planner to your own needs. I opted for a combination of lined and square paper, yearly overviews and some sudoku pages to keep me entertained while waiting for appointments or on my commuter trains. 

The price...

My A5 personal planner cost £19.99 and included all my design options for layout, front cover, personal dates, back pages etc. With the price of some planners on the market being over £30 I think this is an amazing price for a planner regardless. Add in all the options for personalisation and the ability to design something specifically for you it is an absolute steal!

Things I'd like to be different...

Monthly overviews...

One of the things I think I am missing from my planner is a monthly overview for monthly planning. I can see this being really useful and imagine some kind of washi tape based planning. I noticed that they have now added this as an option for the back pages of the planner which is definitely something I would consider adding if I use a personal planner next year, but I think I would prefer to have these interspersed between the months so that I can plan the month all together. 

Pen loop...

There is no pen loop with the personal planners which I think is definitely something that would be nice to have. I tend to clip a pen to the metal rings but this has to be removed every time you open the planner which is a tad annoying if you just want to check something. On a plus note, the plastic wallet at the end of the planner is a useful addition which I use to store my sticky notes or letters for appointments. 

I have really enjoyed using my personal planner so far this year, and although I may possibly go for something larger for decorative purposes next year, I would still absolutely recommend the personal planner. My tip would be to have a good think about what you want to use if for and design accordingly. 
I'd love to hear what planners you have been using this year, what you think of them and any recommendations?
Speak soon xx


  1. Thanks for sharing, I found this useful as current debating my first planner purchase!!

    1. Thanks, glad it was helpful. Which planners are you looking at? Enjoy your new planner!


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