Homemade Christmas Activities Advent Calendar - Free Printable

Can you believe it's just a couple of weeks until December!? I can't believe how quickly Christmas is approaching this year, before long we'll be opening our advent calendars. Of course this year we'll be having our yummy chocolate advent calendar, and I even found a cat version for the kitten! But this year I also decided to create something special for me and my partner.

Christmas can be a really busy time of the year, seeing lots of friends and family and this year we have the added pressure of preparing to host for the first time. I wanted to make sure we found time to have a little "you and me" time during the Christmas season so I have created a cute activities advent calendar to make sure we do something together everyday in the run up to Christmas. I've also created a version for families too!

For this homemade advent calendar you will need:

  • 24 Pockets - I used inexpensive pillow boxes from Hobby Craft, but you could make your own as FleurDeForce did in a video last year or use other types of pockets like envelopes. 
  • Decorative Items - You'll need a selection of goodies to decorate your boxes. I used wrapping paper off cuts, old Christmas cards, washi tapes, bows and stamps. 
  • Advent Numbers - You'll need to number each box from 1-24. You can just write these on or I am using stickers from my Michelle and Patch Christmas kit
  • Scissors, Glue, Sticky Dots etc etc.
  • Basket - Something to hold all your boxes in that can be decorated to look Christmassy!
  • Sweet Treats - some sweet surprises to add to your daily activity, this is optional of course. 

The first step is to decorate all your boxes, this is definitely something you can get the whole family involved in! I went for a variety of looks but if you wanted you could create a uniform design. This does take a while, so if you're doing it on your own like me, I found by setting myself a number to do a day it was far easier to manage. 

Once you've decorated you need to add the goodies inside. You'll need to add one activity per day. I have created two free printable - one for adults (link!) and one for families (link!). There are 24 activities and 6 spares to add your own if you have something specific planned or one of the 24 activities doesn't work for you. Jen at Iheartorganizing did a similar project if you wanted some other child friendly ideas for activities. 

When adding them to your boxes I would firstly have a look at your December diary to check what days you are busy. That way you can put an activity that works with or around your plans in for that day. I would also recommend keeping a note (in secret) somewhere of what activities are on which day so you can prepare where necessary. 

To finish off your advent calendar you can decorate your basket to fit in with your Christmas theme and add your boxes to your basket.

I would absolutely love to see your advent activity calendars if you do decide to give it a go! Tweet or instagram me your photos using the #redhousexmas so we can all check out the finished results!

Now just to wait until the 1st December! I find December to be such a busy month, but I'm looking forward to snatching a few seconds with my partner each day to enjoy the festivities together! Do you have any other ideas for advent activities?
Speak soon x

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