My Favourite Places to Shop for Christmas

Isn't it funny how different people have different approaches to Christmas. It's mid November now and I started shopping and prepping for this magical time of year weeks ago. In contrast my partner is definitely a "keep Christmas in December" fella and I even know people that will leave it until a couple of days before. For me I love it when the shops starts to let snippets of Christmas into their displays as early as September, and now we're halfway into November the shops in the UK are full of Christmas delights. For today's post, I thought I'd share some of my favourite places to shop at Christmas time.


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Matalan is an inexpensive clothes and home goods store in the UK. They are one of the front runners when it comes to putting their Christmas buys on their website, I think I spotted them as early as September this year. They have some adorably cute characters in their Christmas range which includes kithenware, a beautiful range of Christmas mugs, bathroom decor items, lovely gift wrap and accessories, some great stocking stuffer and gift ideas, and cute Christmas decorations. The price range is really affordable and they have a 3 for 2 deal on many of their little gifts and gift wrap.


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Flutterbyes is a beautiful, cutesy home and accessories store based in the South East of England. They have a small store in Bluewater and I think they also have a store at Lakeside and Bromley. For the last couple of years they have also opened a separate store in Bluewater dedicated just to Christmas for the last few months of the year, and with no exception I always try to get there as early in my Christmas prep as possible. They sell the most adorable Christmas tree decorations in several different themes and carry some beautiful Christmas home accessories, signage and giant stuffed figures. This year they have introduced a website making shopping from the rest of the Country much easier - although that depends if you wanted an excuse to go to Bluewater!


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Harrods Christmas department is a magical place. The effort they go to decorate the Christmas shop is worth a trip in it's own right in my opinion. My Mum and I often try to make it to Harrods at least once for the Christmas period, either as part of our annual Christmas shopping day or after Christmas in the sales. The array of tree decorations is spectacular and there are pieces that are affordable, even if only as a one off piece. They also have some beautiful Christmas decorative pieces and some lovely gifts, the Harrods Christmas Teddy Bears are always a hit with my Grandmother!


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Wilko is fast becoming one of my favourite stores for household organisation and decorating. There is one near our new house that we've found very useful. I made great use of their Christmas gift wrap section last year, where I was able to get some great buys for good value. I also like their "make it yourself" range of products that can be used for making your own Christmas decor, table centre pieces, wreaths and garlands.

With just a few weeks to go until Christmas, I'm in full shopping mode - especially as I try to avoid the shops when they get busy in December. How's your Christmas shopping coming along? What are your favourite places to shop?
Speak soon x

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