The Red House 24 Days of Christmas 2015 - Day Three: Secret Santa Gift Ideas

I love giving gifts. I love researching and finding a gift for your loved one that you know they will really cherish and enjoy. That all said, Secret Santa is not my favourite thing in the world.

I often find that you end up doing Secret Santa with colleagues or a large group of people, where you may know one or two really well but as luck would have it you pick the person you once said hello to in a lift, just because there was no-one else there and it was the polite thing to do.

Today I am sharing some ideas for Secret Santa gifts for a range of price ranges.

£1 - A selection of their favourite hot beverages
There must be at least one person in every office who is an avid tea drinker or maybe hot chocolate. With a £1 price limit you're fairly restricted so why not get them something they'll enjoy and actually get some use out of. Putting a selection of tea bags or hot chocolate sachets into a pretty gift bag can make a cute Secret Santa Gift.

£1 - Christmas Cookie Cutter Set
If you're stuck with a £1 price limit the Poundland stores can be an absolute lifesaver. You can find just about anything from a joke gift to food gifts to actual useful gifts for the home. This year I found a set of four Christmas Cookie Cutters that would be perfect for anyone who loves baking. You could always add a request that they bring in a batch of cookies for the office.

£5 - Tin of Chocolates
The easiest Secret Santa gift I think is the tin of chocolates, you know the ones I mean - there are Quality Street, Roses etc. For £5 and available in most supermarkets this is a really easy Secret Santa option and perfect for that person you don't know at all!

£5 - Wax Letter Seal
For the stationary lover in your office you can't go wrong with a bit of cute and unusual stationary. I found this lovely wax letter seal kit in Hema for £4. This makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves stationary and adds a little of the unusual factor to a Secret Santa gift.

£5 - Christmas Mug
A Christmas mug is another sure fire winner for Secret Santa. People will always find a use for one, even if they just use it as a spare work mug. Matalan have a great selection of mugs costing around £4-£5, where you can choose one that suits the person you're buying for. Filling it with chocolate sweets will make it an extra special treat.

£10 - A Festive Candle
For a larger price limit an item for the home can be a lovely gift. I personally love my Winter Berries candle from Matalan. At £8 this is a lovely gift and with spare £2 you can buy a nice gift bag and tissue paper to wrap it up nicely.

Are you having to do Secret Santa this year? Or are you a Secret Santa enthusiast? Leave a comment with your Secret Santa gift ideas!! 
Speak soon x 

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