The Red House 24 Days of Christmas - Day Eight: Homemade Christmas Garland

Unfortunately, after a really long week at work I haven't managed to solve my technical issue with the video that was meant to go up on Monday. I had intended to narrate over the video but my microphone isn't really up for the job. Instead I have been creative and added some subtitles! The video went up on Tuesday but I hadn't managed to take photos in the light, so I'm afraid this post is only up today.

So this long awaited (kind of!) blog post and video is my first Christmas DIY in my 24 Days of Christmas series. Today I am sharing my first ever homemade garland. In fact my first ever garland as I have never had a fireplace before (and man am I excited to have a fireplace to hang the stockings!!).

I created my homemade using a 3 metre piece of garland from Wilko that cost just £2!! I also used some ribbon, some decorative berries, apples, pine cones, some holly leaves and some clip in robins. The decorative pieces were also inexpensive and I picked them up from Wilko, Poundworld and Sainsbury.

The first step was to cut my garland to size along my mantlepiece and the use the spare ends to bulk out the garland.

I then added two colours of ribbon and a big red bow in the middle of the garland. For the red ribbon I tried wrapping it round in two sections. For the gold ribbon I cut small sections and pushed it into the garland. The latter was far easier and I wish I had done the same for the red ribbon.

I then added decorative items to add depth and interest. This part took a bit of time as I fluffed and moved things around until they looked right.To finish off, I add two red pillar candles to add some height to my mantlepiece.

If you wanted to see how I pulled it all together, check out my video below:

I'm quite pleased with how my first garland attempt turned out and really chuffed that I made this from a £2 piece of garland!! Have you made any Christmas DIYs you'd love to share?
Speak soon x

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