The Red House 24 Days of Christmas: Day Nine - Reindeer Napkin Holder & Name Plate

So it's the 14th of December and just 10 days left until Christmas. I am so excited but still too much to do!! You'll also notice that this post is labelled day 9 - I think it's time to admit that I might have taken a little too much on trying to post a video and blog post every day in December, when I still have so much to do to get our house ready for Christmas. However, I still have lots of ideas I wanted to share so I am just going to keep posting in the order of 24 days and post as often as I can.

In that spirit I am today sharing a little cute Christmas DIY craft using a clothes peg to create some adorable reindeer napkin holders. You'll also need some googly eyes, some mini red pom poms, coloured pipe cleaners and glue (I used a glue gun).

This little DIY couldn't be simpler - it is literally six easy steps:

  1. Add two googly eyes near the metal join;
  2. Add a pom pom at the tip of the peg as a nose;
  3. Twist both ends of your pipe cleaner round your finger to create a spiral and bend in the middle;
  4. Push into the join of your clothes peg;
  5. Wrap some twine around your napkin;
  6. Use your peg to secure a name tag to the twine. 
You could use these to add names to your dinner table settings, while also functioning as a napkin holder. But most of all, I think these little reindeer add some festive fun to your dinner table. 

If you want to see how I put mine together in more detail check out the video for Day 9:

I really love the cheeky look of these reindeer and I think they add a little Christmas spirit to the table. Do you use name plates for your Christmas table? How are you naming your place settings this year?
Speak soon x

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