The Red House 24 Days of Christmas - Day Twelve: Make Your Own Snowman Tree Decoration

If you've had a chance to look at Day Eight and Day Nine of my 24 Days of Christmas you'll know that I am attempting to be slightly crafty and creative this Christmas. Today I am sharing my latest attempt, which involves turning two polystyrene balls into a cheeky looking Snowman decoration for my tree.

For this craft you will need:

  • Small polystyrene balls;
  • Small black pom poms for coal;
  • Small orange pom poms for a nose;
  • Small googly eyes;
  • Medium black pom poms for hats;
  • Ribbon for a scarf;
  • White thread to hang the ornament;
  • Black or brown pipe cleaners for arms; and
  • A Black sharpie.
For the polystyrene balls you could use different sizes for the head and body, but I didn't bother and think they turned out quite cute. I picked up a pack of 12 from Poundland.

Putting your snowman together couldn't be simpler. The first step is the glue some eyes, an orange pom pom nose and a black pom pom hat onto one ball. I used a glue gun but you could use any type of glue. To finish off the head I used a sharpie to add a crooked smile.

Next I added three black mini pom poms to the second polystyrene ball for the coal buttons and then glued the two balls together.

Taking a piece of coloured ribbon I cut this to size to use for the scarf. I tied a piece of white thread in the centre of the ribbon before gluing it around the Snowman's neck and gluing into a cute position.

Taking two small pieces of pipe cleaner (of equal length) I scrapped off some of the cotton to reveal a little piece of wire. I used this wire to stick the arms into the snowman and shaped to make them more arm like!?

Finally I tied the white thread into a loop and used this to hang the snowman on my Christmas tree. Sometime the snowman can be a bit heavy and leave the tree decoration a bit lop-sided. To avoid this I either make the loop smaller or tape some of the thread to the back of the snowman's head to keep it up right.

These little guys have made a rather cute addition to my tree and I'm quite chuffed with this artistic attempt. Have you made any tree decorations this year? 
Speak soon x

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