2016, Ready, Set, Go!

So here it is, 2016 is already a go. So far I've enjoyed some much needed Netflix time (Brooklyn 99 is our new found binge watch) and started using my gorgeous new planners from Kikki K and Erin Condren (my first ever Erin Condren Haul is up on my You Tube Channel today).

The Red House Blog - 2016 Planners from Erin Condren & Kikki K
Kikki K Haul will be up on my You Tube Channel next Sunday 10th January

Last year I shared my new approach to new year's resolutions which was to set myself more manageable 3 monthly resolutions/tasks rather than year long resolutions that you forget about. I didn't do this for the whole year as the year became very busy, but I did have some successes. For example, by following this process I managed to really focus my efforts in the spring on my career progression and managed to get the promotion I had been working towards! I did however, miss having the big life goals that new year resolutions tend to be.

This year I thought I would merge the two approaches. I am going to have a couple of "life changing" new year goals for 2016, but accompanying those I am going to have monthly goals to help me achieve my aims. To do this, I thought I could use my Erin Condren Life Planner which conveniently has a page dedicated to dreams and ambitions for the year....

The Red House Blog - Erin Condren Yearly Aspiration Pages

and each monthly spread has a Goals section...

The Red House Blog - Erin Condren Monthly Spread Goals Section

My New Year Resolutions 2016

So last year I achieved some big goals with my career and we achieved a lot with our aim to turn our new house into our new home. This year I want to dedicate more time to me, I need to get healthy! Pronto! 

I don't want to say I need to lose weight, because that isn't even the half of it. With such a busy new job and so much to do on the house last year I haven't exercised anyway near enough, my fitness has gone down, I'm not getting enough sleep and when I do I toss and turn, my skin is suffering from my bad diet etc. etc. This year my goal is to make me healthier. 

To help meet my aspirations, my bite-size, manageable January goals are to get back to exercise by incorporating 3 sessions of exercise into my week and to be in bed by half 10 each night this month. I'm going to use these cute habit notepads from Kikki K (via my Christmas stocking!) to keep track of my new plans.

The Red House Blog - Kikki K Weekly Good Habits Notepad

And finally I want to make sure I am finding more time to spend with my other half (without a paintbrush in our hands) and my friends.

These are tough goals, there have been many years I've aimed to get healthier and failed miserably. I'm hoping that by setting monthly goals I'll achieve much more. 

Have you set New Year's Resolutions for 2016? What do you do to make sure you achieve them?
Happy New Year and good luck with your new year resolutions!
Speak soon x

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