Planner Goodies & Stickers: Review of PlannerPrintsCo

I do love a good planner stickers haul. It is my new found window shopping habit to spend my evening trawling Etsy for some sticker goodies. So today I thought I'd share with you my sticker finds for April, May's find coming soon!

This year, for the first time, I am trying out an Erin Condren Life Planner and with all the inspiration on Instagram I always set out with huge ambitions at the beginning of each week. But, I was finding my planning brain couldn't quite cut the mustard of the beautifully pulled together pages I see elsewhere. That's when I realised I needed to get into the whole colour coded monthly sticker sets. And that's when I found a beautiful Etsy Shop, PlannerPrintsCo, based right here in England. (phew - that was a long winded story!)

I have made a couple of purchases from PlannerPrintsCo including Ruth's weekly and monthly planner sets and I love them so much I decided to dedicate today's post as a little review.

I am mainly going to focus on the monthly kits as I have now purchased two of these kits - one for February and one for April. These kits have a huge variety of stickers and will easily keep you going for a full month - something I worried about with some of the other kits on the market.

February Kit - what's left (I ordered late)

My April kit included: a sheet of 9 full decorative boxes; a sheet of 16 decorative half boxes; a sheet of heart check boxes - 24 full and 24 half size; a sheet of 8 full size lists; a sheet of action to do lines e.g. washing basket, email etc; a sheet of box headings (Today, To Do & Little Things - 18 of each); a sheet of circle picture labels including movie, hairdresser, workout etc; and a mixed sheet including 5 weekend banners, 4 bill due stickers, two appointment stickers and some page flags.

April Kit

The quality of the stickers is great and I particularly like the fact that the stickers are repositionable, meaning you can play around with your weekly design or can reapply if you don't line it up properly. Not all stickers available on Etsy do this and it can be a little frustrating if you position a sticker wrong.

The colour schemes are a great match for the Erin Condren monthly colours, but are also a lovely muted tone that I have used leftover stickers in my Kikki K planner and they look beautiful.

The Valentines Day Kit was also adorable

The price of the PlannerPrintsCo Stickers are fantastic. The monthly kits, with the huge variety that is included, come in at under £10!! I must admit the cost of the some of the monthly kits available on Etsy had put me off the monthly kit route.

Finally the postage has been good with everything packaged well. It does take a few days which does mean being organised and ordering well in advance of the next month but they are worth the wait!

While finishing off today's post I noticed PlannerPrintsCo is on a break at the moment but I'm looking forward to ordering my June Monthly kit!

If you wanted to have a look at the April kit in more detail check out today's You Tube video haul :-)

How do you like to use your planner and planner stickers? Have you used PlannerPrintsCo before?
Speak soon x

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  1. These look gorgeous! I'm currently planning a bullet journal and these would be perfect for that too X


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