Presenting Beautiful Gifts - Stocking Up on Gift Wrap Supplies

As an arty person I am drawn to aesthetically pleasing things, and nothing pleases me more than handing over a gift that just looks beautiful. Don't get me wrong I love giving gifts and always put a lot of effort into choosing a gift that is perfect for the recipient, but I also love to make it look beautiful too.

I have been sorting out my study recently and noticed that I was running low on a few gift wrapping essentials, top of the list being pretty wrapping paper. So I have been on a bit of a gift wrapping shopping spree lately and thought I would share my precious finds with you today...

Gift Wrap Purchases

I love having a variety of gift wrap on hand to pick the perfect piece for the presents I am wrapping. I have in the past bought rolls of gift wrap, and still do, but I have developed a liking for the gift wrap sets which typically include two sheets and two gift tags. I have found a few places where they are reasonably priced and it means I can have a large variety of gift wrap in my collection without having to store lots of rolls. 

Both Wilko and Sainsbury have a beautiful selection and priced at just 90p and 99p respectively I have found the prices on point too. 

I have made sure to pick up some pretty but plain gift wraps as well as those targeted at specific events such as a birthday. That way they can be used for any event and are a more flexible option for my collection. 

I don't always match the gift tag with the wrapping paper it came with and have a growing collection of gift tags too! Sometimes I make themself with some pretty card and some stickers. 

Gift Wrap Decoration

Of course the gift wrap is only the first part of the gift wrapping process. The decoration is, in my opinion, the best bit! I have found some fantastic offerings of late in Paperchase, including these stunning adhesive gift bows.

For ribbon, I have recently discovered the delights of Tiger. A store I have been wanting to visit for some time but there are none near me. Recently I have however, visited two places with a Tiger store - haul coming shortly. These stores have these fantastically huge rolls of gift wrapping ribbon and for just £1. These are a fantastic find and one of my favourite additions to my gift wrap trolley.

My ambitions this year are to improve on my gift wrapping flare and I have been watching some fantastic You Tube videos and reading some great blog posts. I hope to share my gift wrap storage with you soon. How do you wrap your presents? Do you enjoy creating a piece of art as part of your gift giving?
Speak soon x

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