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With the summer now in full swing I'm betting there a few people jetting off or traveling cross country for a little R n R! Today I thought I would share my top 10 travel essentials. As usual you can see these items in more detail on my You Tube Channel.

These are the 10 essentials I will use for the travelling part of any journey, whether by plane, train or car. These can also be used for any travelling when we're out and about on holiday too. These are my standard items that I will use for anything from an overnight trip to a two week vacation, and of course I'll add different things to the list for different trips.

Tablet - This really is a multi-use travel item. I use my tablet to download TV and music for the trip, keeping electronic copies of all my travel documents and to use Google maps.

Headphones & Splitter - Noise excluding headphones are a vital item for travel, particularly public transport. The splitter means my partner and I can watch TV or listen music together.

Portable Charger - An important item for long journeys, my portable charger can recharge my phone or my tablet twice!

Filter Water Bottle - I'm very picky about the different tastes of water, particularly when I'm away from home, both abroad and within England. I like to take a filter water bottle on trips so I can filter the local tap water.

Reusable Bags - Zip lock plastic bags are incredibly useful for organising bags for travel, carrying snacks or carrying potentially leaky items like sunscreen. I also take tote bags when we travel which are good for carrying towels, food, duty free purchases etc...

Snacks - It can be a bad start to a holiday if you arrive hungry and all the shops/room service are closed for the day. I always travel with some snacks, such as protein or cereal bars, to munch on during our travelling, when we arrive and to take with us on day trips while on holiday.

Emergency Kit - My emergency kits contain all the little items you need in your handbag e.g. hand sanitizer, plasters etc. I have a different one for different uses e.g. my everyday handbag, my night out handbag and I have one especially for travelling. If you'd like to know more about my travel kit, let me know and I'll do a separate post.

Notebook & Pen - I like to write lists for absolutely everything, so you can bet I'm going to need a pen and paper on a trip. We also use a notebook to plan out walking routes for the day, particularly when site seeing in a city - it's a great way to make sure you see everything you wanted.

Cross-body Bag - A little handbag is so useful while travelling and for day trips when you get there. A cross-body is my bag of choice because it means I can keep hands-free and carry all my other bags. I particularly like this one because it has two separate and secure zip closures for important things like passports etc.

Hoodie - I get cold really easily and always like to carry something that will keep me warm. I know a lot of people use a big scarf as a blanket. I prefer a hoodie because I can really snuggle up, cocoon myself and feel warm on a flight, when I'm tired in a unfamiliar hotel room, on a bus or a train. I can also wrap it round my shoulders for a little warmth.

So that's everything in my travelling essentials. What's your absolute necessity for travel, which item makes life so much easier?
Speak soon x

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