A weekend in Copenhagen

Last summer we popped on over to Copenhagen for a weekend and found a beautiful city with gorgeous food and lots to do and see. For today's post I will be sharing our experience of this delightful city, but look out for a separate review of our hotel which was stunning.

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How we traveled...

As always I went with my trusty favourite airline, British Airways. The flight is a comfortable couple of hours in which BA provide you with a little sandwich lunch or dinner, and drinks. British Airways have a good selection of flights available throughout the day so we took a lunchtime flight on a Friday and flew back in the evening on Monday, meaning we could make the most of our last day in the City.

When we arrived in the City we picked up a 72 hour City Pass for travel which covered buses, trains and the metro, and was the perfect time period to take us from the airport on Friday and return to the airport on Monday. The transport systems were easy to navigate and the buses ran regularly enough. They also have Uber which we used on one occasion when we were in a rush.

Where we ate...

We had some amazing food while we were away. We of course tried the traditional Danish open topped sandwich with a whole host of different toppings.

The Copenhagen Street Food Market on The Paper Island was wonderful. A warehouse full of street food stalls and vans, there were so many choices for food it tooks us two walks around the venue before we could decide what we wanted to eat.

The location is amazing, with outside seating on the edge of the water it was the perfect spot to look over the City, watch the boats go by and just enjoy sitting in the sunshine.

The Ice Cream shops available were heavenly, especially along Nyvahn - we went with Vaffelbageren which did waffles, cones with 1, 2 or 3 scoops and soft whip dunked in chocolate!

One evening we went to Mother for pizza. One large pizza and a beer later, we were stuffed and happy. They had lots of outside seating, which would be really pleasant on a nice summer's evening, but unfortunately the place seemed so popular we had to settle for a table inside.

What we did...

Tivoli Gardens - I think the first thing everyone thinks of when they think about Copenhagen is Tivoli Gardens. We did of course tick this star attraction of our list, but as someone who lacks enthusiasm for fairground rides (I hate the high, fast rides) it wasn't the star attraction for me. That being said, we had great fun wondering round the gardens, enjoyed an evening playing the silly fairground games and came home with some silly trinket prizes. We missed the Saturday night fireworks, but saw some from our hotel which looked amazing. I think my favourite thing were these little robot rabbit lawn mowers!

Canal Boat Tours - This I would definitely recommend. A canal boat tour from Nyvahn is a great way to see the city and get some great pictures. There are two boat companies available here, we went for the cheaper option and weren't disappointed at all.

We spent the rest of the weekend generally wondering and exploring the city, it really is a beautiful city.

Best bit...

It's a tough call on this one, but I think the hour we spent in the sun at the Copenhagen Food Market watching the world go by was just blissful.

Copenhagen was a wonderful city to explore and I would definitely recommend it for a weekend break or even a bit longer. Have you been before? What did you do?
Speak soon x

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