Handbag Unboxing: Mulberry Darley Small Classic Grain

I bought a new bag last week and thought I would share my initial thoughts, before I take it out for a spin. I purchased the Darley bag in the small size in Porcelain Blue from the Mulberry Summer Sale.

I purchased a mini Lily last year and really liked the style but for certain events there just isn't enough room in it to take all the things I need. I therefore decided I would look again to Mulberry for a slightly larger cross body/shoulder bag.

I opted for the Darley because I liked the structured shape of the bag. I love the Lily but in the larger size I thought the more structured look was nicer - plus it's always nice to add a bit of variety to your wardrobe.

The leather on the Darley is quite rigid and the seams are kind of reinforced by a kind of sealing. This makes the bag feel very sturdy, meaning I don't feel like I will need to baby the bag when I'm out and about which is good.

With a chain handle and the traditional postman lock, the gold hard-wear of the bag is just beautiful, and adds a charming but sophisticated look to the bag. Paired with the bright Porcelain Blue colouring it is easy to see how this bag could be styled to dress up or dress down.

The choice of a bright, summary Porcelain Blue is very unlike me. My bag collection is full of neutral creams, browns, navys and blacks. In purchasing this bag my aim was to pick up something a bit different, that would complement my wardrobe (mainly neutral & blue) and would add a pop of colour to my summer outfits.

I love the colour, it isn't too in your face but definitely adds a pop of something different. I can't wait to pair it with some summer dresses, dress it up for some weddings and pair it with a casual jeans and t-shirt combo.

The inside of the bag has lots of pockets and useful space including, a full back pocket, a layer of credit card slots, a main section, a zipped pocket and a front slip pocket.

Unlike the small Darley (as opposed to the Darley in a small size) or large Darley, this bag does not have a back pocket on the outside of the bag. I was a bit disappointed by this but ultimately felt like this was the right size for me and it does still have lots of useful sections.


I picked up this bag in the Mulberry summer sale which is still going if you want to check it out. The Porcelain Blue is now out of stock but they still have lots of other colours available, I also quite liked the Macaroon Pink!

It's always nice to add a beautiful bag to the collection and I am really pleased with my new addition. Have you picked up anything spectacular recently?
Speak soon x

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