Hotel Review: The Tivoli Hotel, Copenhagen

Last year we visited Copenhagen and I recently shared the favourite bits of my trip. I also promised to review the hotel we stayed in and decided to do this separately because the hotel was so photogenic I wanted to devote a whole post to it.

We stayed at the Tivoli Hotel and Congress Centre in Copenhagen. We booked a standard room but were upgraded to an executive room as they didn't have any standard rooms left when we arrived. We didn't get access to the executive lounge or the executive breakfast, which was not a problem but as the executive rooms were in a different tower to the standard hotel it was a little annoying have to go up & down to change towers to get to breakfast.


The location of the hotel was pretty much spot on for exploring the city. A 10min walk from the main station which links directly to the airport, a bus stop directly outside the hotel, 10min walk to the central Tivoli Gardens attraction, 15min walk to the main shopping centre and many other key attractions.

The area, while next to a fairly main road and alongside the railway track was not noisy. The only "noise" we noticed were the fireworks from Tivoli Gardens on Saturday night, which let's be honest you can't complain about especially with a view of the fireworks too.


We stayed in the hotel for three nights over the weekend. Over that time we ate in the restaurant bar, ate breakfast in the restaurant every morning and drank in the rooftop bar. The staff generally were very friendly, spoke great English and were reasonably attentive, without being over the top.


The room was relatively spacious with a basic but well thought out interior design, focusing on Tivoli Gardens. It was a nice local touch but still tastefully done.

The bed and seating area were comfortable and the TV which turned to look at both was a useful design feature. The bed was comfortable, but as with many European places the double bed had two individual duvets - something that it is quite unusual for the British.

There was no wardrobe but a hanging rail with a small bar area next to it. This was fine for a few days but if I were staying a bit longer I might start to worry about dust on my clothes. I suppose this could be solved by bringing delicate pieces in clothing carriers.

The bathroom was definitely on the bijou side. It consisted of two areas, the first an almost walk through with a little bench (which we used to store the wash bags) and a sink, and through a second door the shower and toilet. Again this was fine for a few days but might get a bit frustrating for a longer stay. The sink area was also enclosed in glass so could be seen into from the rest of the room.

The room did have floor to ceiling windows which let in a lot of light. They also opened letting in fresh air, often missing from hotel rooms.


As  I mentioned earlier I simply had to comment on the decor in this hotel. It was so eclectic and not your usual standard, slightly boring, hotel fair. I have dotted pictures throughout this post so you can get a sense of what I mean.

As were the hotel rooms, the decor is unique and interesting but tastefully done. If you are looking for a modern, unique hotel with all the comforts of a good chain this is definitely one to check out.

The hotel boasts some great facilities including a large swimming pool and sauna, a gym and a child's play area. I believe it was also a conference centre with several conference rooms available.

We used both the pool area and the gym. The pool area was large enough to swim while a family played near by but I imagine it could get quite crowded. It also closed on a Sunday for cleaning which was frustrating.

The gym had a good level of facilities including treadmills, bikes and weights. When we got there early morning we had the gym to ourselves but it quickly got busy and we struggled to use the machines we wanted.


We ate from the hotel breakfast buffet every morning. There was a great variety of food available including hot food, cheese and deli meats, cereals, pastries and bread, yoghurt and fruits. We easily stuck to a healthy breakfast each morning, while also treating ourselves to some yummy pastries on the last day.

We also ate in the bar restaurant on our first night, after a long day travelling. The burger was absolutely delicious, the bread bun was very unique. It was however, humongous and we could easily have shared this dish between the two of us.

If you find yourself looking for somewhere to stay in Copenhagen I would definitely recommend this hotel for a short stay. 
Speak soon x

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