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If you've been following my You Tube channel for a while, you'll be aware that I have spent the last year or so saying that I am redecorating my home office. And it is still a work in progress.

My home office doubles as our guest bedroom and let's face it our junk room. We come back from holiday and dump things in there, I buy things I see for Christmas presents and they go in there, we have a stack of stuff that we need to eBay and that is also in there. The room is just in a constant state of mess, sorted piles and some sort of obstacle course.

One of the things I have accomplished however, is my noticeboard or command centre area. I wanted to create something with lots of different functional elements, somewhere to keep papers off my desk and a space that looked pretty.

I decided to have three different parts, although with one I've kind of created two sections. These are a paper filing system, a magnetic bar to keep urgent items, and a noticeboard with an elastic section to secure little items (e.g. concert tickets) and a pin board section.

The filing system, which comes from Ikea, still needs some work. I have added some gorgeous paper files that I picked up in TK Maxx, although they don't have anything in them yet. Once I've worked out my organising strategy I will probably label each section or at least the paper files.

I considered painting the magnetic section (also from Ikea) white although I didn't in the end in case it affected the magnetism. Has anyone tried this - does it work? The butterfly magnets were a gift I showed in a stationery haul a while ago, and I think they were from Lakeland. I love them - so girly and pretty!

And finally, the section I am most proud of is my noticeboard/pinboard which I made myself. From a few cheap materials I created this for under £10. I have today shared my how-to video on my You Tube channel if you want to see how I did it.

I am really looking forward to the day that my study is sorted, but for now I am really looking forward to organising my life from this little command centre. I am so pleased with how it turned out.

you use a command centre? How do you use yours, I'd love for you to  share any tips in the comments below?
Speak soon x

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