The Body Coach SSS 90 Day Plan - Cycle One Week One

A week ago we started on our latest health and fitness journey. I am indeed one of those women who has tried nearly every diet/calorie counting approach out there and have only once succeeded in losing any significant amount of weight (which I subsequently put back on plus more). I have an under-active thyroid which means it takes a lot longer for a diet to start having any noticeable effect, which therefore means I give up really easily.

I started to learn more about The Body Coach SSS 90 Day Plan during Joe Wick's summer fitness week, where he did live workouts every morning and evening for a week. I really liked to sound of a very specific plan to follow, without much lee-way (if a plan allows me a chocolate biscuit, I'll have 2). I also liked the fact that the plan is adapted specifically for you and your body, with specific ingredient break downs for each recipe. I particularly liked that in designing my plan they had factored in my under-active thyroid and the impact it has on my metabolism.

As the plans are specifically tailored to you, both my partner and I have separately signed up for the plan. It was a significant financial commitment and we thought long and hard about whether we were ready to make the full on commitment to getting fit and healthy. During the summer fitness week Joe was offering £20 off each plan so we took the opportunity to sign up then, saving ourselves £40 total.

We are now one week into the plan and I wanted to review how this week has gone, the highs and the lows and how we're feeling about week two.

The biggest lessons we have learnt this week is that when they say "prep like a boss" they really mean it. We had a really busy weekend last week so we had only prepped one meal in advance. We figured we could batch cook our evening meals each night. It has taken over our lives. Literally.

As we hadn't prepped the meals in advance the early part of our week consisted of getting home at 7pm, attempting to batch cook 5 meals of  a new recipe for two people. As we are both on the plan we are having to cook separately to meet our own individual macros. The reality has meant we've not been eating until half 8 - 9pm and as soon as we finish we have to go back into the kitchen to clean up the war zone we've created.

Cooking separately for two is quite demanding on kitchen utensils. Each meal requires 2 pans each, one for the meat and normally a separate pan for the veg. The detailed proportions of ingredients often means weighing each thing out (all in separate containers) and then we need a container to measure out portions. I have noticed that we have been running our large dishwasher once a day with only two people in the house.

We are so tired. I think this has been caused by an horrific combination of a sudden increase in my level of exercise, especially really early morning exercise (pre-7am), the amount of time spent in the evening prepping meals, cleaning the kitchen over and over again, and the number of times I have got up in the middle of the night to pee due to my increased water intake (sorry for the overshare!).

This is predominantly our own fault. If we had prepped properly for the week ahead we wouldn't have had to spend nearly as much time in the kitchen and could reasonably have got to bed at a decent time, rather than 11pm most nights. This would also have made the 6.30am workouts far easier.

But having said all that, despite feeling so tired I feel well in myself. Sometimes when I get so tired, my whole body lags. Instead I feel fit and well, and healthy. After getting over the first few days of headaches, caused by the lack of carbohydrates, my concentration levels have been fairly normal despite my tiredness.

I am also feeling a massive sense of accomplishment already. It is hard work, I'm not going to lie about that. It takes lots of organisation as well as sheer drive. But we made a conscious decision to join this plan, it was a deliberate choice to commit to improving our diet, our lifestyle and getting our bodies in a shape we want them to be in. That's not an easy goal, and it does take effort. And despite all my moans and whinges above, understanding and following the plan is relatively easy once you get going.

We're on week two of cycle one this week and we've already made some changes, having bust a gut over the weekend to get all of our food prepped ahead of time this week. I'm excited to keep driving this forward and see how much we can achieve in the first four weeks on cycle one.

Have you done The Body Coach 90 Day SSS Plan? How did you find it? Do you have any tips or suggestions to make our lives easier?

Speak soon x

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