The Body Coach SSS Plan - Cycle One Weeks Two & Three

If you read my blog on how week one of cycle one went for us you were probably fairly skeptical about there being any follow up posts. But I am writing this on Sunday evening having just completed our third week of the plan. Has it been easy? No. Has it been impossible? Also no.

In our first week we really struggled with all the time spent cooking and preparing meals, and the detritus that was left in our kitchen every evening. We said at the end of that week that we would fully embrace the "prepping like a boss" approach and that's what we did.

Ahead of week two we prepared our meal plan for the week and then used a spreadsheet (yes, with two of you on the plan with different macros it takes this kind of precision for a weekly shop) to calculate all the ingredients we needed. We headed of to Morrison's on a Saturday evening, spent another £100+ and came home to get cooking. That night we didn't eat until nearly 10pm but we had 4 extra meals ready for the freezer. You can see what we bought at Morrison's here.

At the weekend we batch cooked the beef and sausage stew and spicy turkey mince, and also made up some turkey muffins for snacks and Joe's granola for a quick & easy low carb breakfast. This took up a LOT of our weekend but we were definitely thankful for it during the week. We went back to having time in our evenings and weren't tied to the kitchen all night. Not only that, once we cleaned up after the weekend's marathon cooking sessions we were able to stay on top of the kitchen for most of the week. We're still running the dishwasher every day with all the Tupperware containers and the blender for smoothies or pancakes but we can live with that.

As a result the week felt far less grueling and we definitely got into the swing of things. I also started to notice a difference in my body towards the end of week two, managing to fit into a skirt I bought last summer online that has never fit (I just didn't get round to sending it back). This definitely spurred me on to keep trying.

I had one night out with a girlfriend who is aware I'm on this diet and is very supportive. We went for dinner at a restaurant which allowed me to order just chicken and a salad. The restaurant were also really good and allowed me to swap out the sweet potato fries (yes, I cried a little inside saying no to sweet potato fries) with a salad. I did have a couple of drinks, but stuck to gin and slim tonic.

Now I have to confess with all these good results the temptation to step onto the scales broke me. My partner was also wanting to see how he was doing as he was less convinced by the results (he has less to lose than I do). At the end of week three I have lost 6 pounds and he has lost 5 pounds. I should note I have an under-active thyroid so do expect my weight loss to be slightly slower than for someone else of my size.

We're now at the end of week three and starting to get a bit bored with eating on plan all the time, and as we are predominantly bulk cooking have very little variety in our diet. I'll admit this weekend there has been a couple of mentions, from both of us, of breaking ranks and ordering a take away. Luckily our nights of weakness have been on different days and we have managed to convince the other to stay on track by cooking  up dinner. The advantage of cooking up pre-prepared meals is that they only take a few minutes - far quicker than ordering a take away.

I should also note here that I am starting to feel hungry. I know a lot of people talk about eating so much food and that is definitely true of my partner's macros (you can see some of our portion comparisons in our weekly vlog). However, the covering email for my cycle one plan said that they have reduced my portions to account for the fact that I have used calorie controlled diets in the past and I have an under-active thyroid - both of which have an impact on my metabolism. I'm looking forward to cycle two which includes far more carbs and hopefully they can adjust some of my portion sizes!

We are now just 9 days away from our end of cycle one weigh in and end of month pictures. I'm looking forward to those end results, seeing what cycle two has in store and ultimately to keeping this going!

Speak soon x

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