Unboxing Louis Vuitton Zippy Multicartes

I had a couple of things to celebrate/pat myself on the back for last month so, in the words of Tom and Donna, I figured it was time to "treat yo'self".

The item I went for was the Zippy Multicartes from Louis Vuitton with the fuschia pink zipper. This is a small card holder zipped wallet but I intend to use it as a normal wallet/purse on those days when I am using a smaller handbag.

It opens up like an accordion and has five sections for cards, all of which can easily take a few cards. I am intending to put my everyday bank, credit and loyalty cards in here plus some cash and change.

I had been eyeing this up for a while. I had been looking for a small purse to use with my smaller bags that would be sufficient to use on a day out or to an event. This purse is the perfect size and also allowed me to add a new piece to my Louis Vuitton "collection", currently consisting of a Neverfull handbag.

This purse retails for £225 but as a friend was passing through London Heathrow I asked them to pick it up for me. With the tax deduction this purse cost £187.50. I did of course lose the experience of purchasing the item myself, which is something I always enjoy but to me it was worth it for the saving of over £30.

I am really pleased with my purchase as a little treat to myself. For those wondering I treated myself to celebrate finishing cycle one of the Body Coach 90 Day SSS Plan (my review of cycle one will be my next post). I wanted to get something to celebrate this big achievement for me and to spur myself on for the next cycle. It is always better to treat myself with pretty additions to my wardrobe than reward myself with chocolate.

I will of course do a review once I have used the purse a little bit, but in the meantime if you want to see my unboxing of this piece check out my You Tube channel.

Speak soon x 

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