The Body Coach 90 Day SSS Plan - Cycle One Review & Reflections

I did it. I completed the first cycle of the 90 day plan and I am super proud of myself. Perhaps a weird way to start a blog post but I wanted to start on a positive note, and why not that? I have struggled with weight loss my whole adult life, particularly in the last 3 years or so, so sticking with this plan as rigidly as I did is pretty awesome (if I do say so myself!).

So starting with the big question. During cycle one I lost a total of 9 pounds or 3.5 kilos. In body measurements I lost a total of 5 inches, mainly from around my waist but also my chest, hips and right thigh (yeah, just the right - I think that's weird too). I submitted my cycle one results on a Tuesday and followed the diet for the remainder of the week. Or to be honest, the working week (there was a cheeky pizza style blow out on the Saturday night). On the Friday I had lost a further 0.8 of a pound, taking my cycle one total to 9.8 pounds.

Firstly I am pretty damn chuffed at my weight loss on the scales. I have been struggling for a while so to finally see the numbers on the scales go down is amazing. We also have scales that measure body fat percentage which has gone down by over 4%. It's great to know that through all this hard work I have actually been losing fat not just water. I am slightly disappointed that I didn't see more inches lost in some of my more stubborn areas such as my thighs, but I believe this may come in cycle two where there is a leg based weight workout once a week.

Weight loss aside, I have noticed several other benefits. My food tastes have changed so much, quite drastically in some cases. For instance I have never enjoyed spicy food at all, even pepper was too much for me. Now I really appreciate the flavours - I will happily sit and munch some red pepper or eat my way through a bag of peppery rocket salad. My craving for chocolate has completely gone. I have been wondering round with a chocolate in my bag for over a week and never been tempted.

I do feel a lot fitter at the end of cycle one. I have worked out four or five times a week doing 20min HIIT sessions. Sometimes it has been tough, and to be honest some of my 6am workouts have been pretty lack luster but I have got up and done them. I am not only feeling fitter but surprised at how much energy I have generally. I have an underactive thyroid and do struggle sometimes with feeling completely drained.

I've had an insane couple of weeks at work and have not been able to do my usual things to manage my energy levels. But I'm fine, I'm managing to get up in the morning, do my workouts, do my long days at work and still feel relatively fresh in the evening. I think I had one day towards the end of cycle one where I felt completely drained (you know the days your legs feel like lead). This is unusual for me, before any type of diet would leave me completely sapped of energy.

We have learnt a lot in cycle one. If you read my review of week one, you'll know that we learnt the importance of meal prep very early on. I still can't underestimate this. In our last week we didn't do as much meal prep as we only had a few meals left to go. We noticed a huge difference in our resolve having to spend more time back in the kitchen every evening.

The other surprising thing for us has been the cost of food. Prior to starting the plan we were spending about £65 per week to feed the two of us and the cat. Since starting the plan this has been over £100 each week. I imagine that some of this is because we were eating a lot of protein and very little cheaper carbohydrate. I hope that as we learn how to eat post plan that we pick up some cheaper, easy recipes. Whilst we are committed to the plan, this kind of spending seems so silly when we were surviving on far less food before.

Finally, my parting piece of advice for cycle one is Carb Killa Bars. I don't understand why these aren't referenced in the plan, but you can use these are one of your snacks up to twice a week. And they are bloody nice, they feel like such a nice treat. Maybe it's just my confused taste buds.

I am so excited for my progress and for getting through this first phase. Cycle two seems a lot harder but that may be the same first week jitters I had on cycle one. Be sure to check back soon to see how we're getting on.

Have you completed cycle one? How did you find it? 
Speak soon x

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